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Muriel Baines goes to visit Jim after his operation to remove his kidney.  Jim asks about Michael and Muriel tells him that Michael is still in the operating theatre.  Muriel says all this might have brought them closer together.  Jim says it's a hell of a price to pay.  "And you've paid it," says Muriel.
Sandy tells David that they will be able to advertise for a chef and offer accommodation as David's room at the motel is empty. 
David asks Kate if she thinks Lucy could fall for an older man.  "Oh, I know you got that from Vera," says Kate.  She assures David that Lucy is fond of him as a father figure. 
Mr Chaudri tells his wife that perhaps it is wrong to expect Meena to act as an Indian at home when she is working with non-Indian people all day.  Meena overhears the conversation and comes into the room wearing a sari.  "You've put on a sari for your friends.  Are they that special?" asks Mrs Chaudri.  "I want them to see me as I really am, and this is what I am," answers Meena.
The motel receives a phone call from Kevin Freeman who enquires whether Sharon Metcalfe works at the motel.  When he is told she does he books a chalet.  Vera Downend overhears and tells Diane Parker.  Later, in the staff room Sharon Metcalfe joins Diane and Vera.  Vera asks Sharon about Kevin Freeman and tells her that he is coming to the motel.
Denis Harper meets Kate Hamilton in the office and they have coffee together.  Kate asks him how the meal at the Chaudri's house went and Denis says it went very well.  "If Meena wasn't Indian I wouldn't have to prove myself," says Denis.  "How do you intend to prove yourself Denis?" asks Kate.  "I haven't proposed yet, but I'm going to marry her," says Denis.  "Denis, are you sure?" asks Kate.  "Yes I am," answers Denis. 
Kevin Freeman, a balding, middle-aged man with glasses, arrives at the motel and has a drink with Sharon Metcalfe. 
Richard Lord suggests an afternoon off to Lucy Hamilton and she agrees.  David Hunter arrives at the cottage and calls out for Lucy but receives no reply.  He helps himself to a drink and then notices a jacket belonging to Richard Lord.
Denis Harper goes to the Chaudri's house to see Meena.  He tells Mr and Mrs Chaudri that he and Meena love one another, and he doesn't think it right to keep their feelings a secret from them.  Meena starts sobbing and rushes out of the room.  "See how you make her happy," says Mrs Chaudri sarcastically.  Denis says it's only because Meena doesn't want to upset them.  Mr Chaudri tells Denis that it is an impossible situation and it must end.  Once Denis has left Mr Chaudri asks Meena if she knew Denis was coming and Meena says no.  He asks Meena if she loves Denis and Meena says she thinks she does.
David and Kate chat together in the office and Kate says that when she left the cottage this morning Lucy was busy swotting.  "French?" asks David.  "Yes.  You know, this Mr Lord must be a very good teacher," says Kate.  "Ummm, Kate, you don't think ....," begins David.  "You know talking of teaching.  I've seen this adult teaching course in cookery," says Kate.
Mr Chaudri tells Meena that her and Denis have nothing at all in common and come from a different background.
Richard Lord and Lucy Hamilton play tennis in the cottage garden.  They go inside for a drink and Lucy asks Richard if he is going to marry his fiancee.  Richard says he doesn't know.  "Are you?" asks Lucy anxiously.  Richard brushes some hair away from her face.  At that moment David Hunter returns to the cottage.  "I'm going up for a shower. See you later," says Lucy and disappears upstairs, leaving the two men together.
David gives Richard a drink and asks him if Lucy ever mentions her father.  David says Lucy might be looking for someone to take her fathers place.  "She's lucky then," says Richard.  "What?" asks David.  "She has you," says Richard.  "Yes, she has," says David.  David says it must be difficult for him teaching girls and Richard Lord asks why he says that.  "Well, you know what they say.  Pupils sometimes fall in love with their teachers," says David.  "I wouldn't know," says Richard.     

1977 Episodes continued

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