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Jim Baines tells Muriel that they are Michael's only chance.  "It's our only chance and we've got to grab it now," says Jim.
Sandy Richardson arrives home from his holiday.
Sharon Metcalfe apologises to Meena Chaudri for lying to her father.  Denis Harper asks Meena to come with him to another stock car race but Meena declines.
David tells Sandy and Meg all about the house he is buying, and says he is signing the contract tomorrow.  Just then David receives a telephone call from the owner of the house David is buying.  "I should have known things were running too smoothly," he tells Meg and Sandy.  "The owner doesn't want to seel after all," he says.
JIm and Muriel Baines go to see Mr Berenson and tell him that they would like to donate a kidney.  Mr Berenson tells them that they have had the results of the tests they performed on them both and they found Muriel to be an unsuitable donor.  "Although you may not look it, you're in pretty good nick.  So it's up to you Mr Baines," says Mr Berenson.  "Well that's fine by me.  You just name the day," says Jim Baines.  Mr Berenson tells Jim that they will only give him 24 hours notice before he has to have his kidney removed.
David tells Kate Hamilton that the house purchase has fallen through.  "When?" asks Kate.  "About twenty minutes ago.  The owner doesn't want to see," David tells her.  "Don't worry, we'll find somewhere else," says Kate.  Meg joins them in the office and tells them that Hugh has to go away to Australia on business and whilst he is away she will be staying at the motel.  "So while you're looking for a house you can stay at the cottage," says Meg.
Lucy Hamilton calls Richard Lord to ask him to help her with some school work.  He arrives at the motel and he and Lucy go into Lucy and Kate's chalet to work.  Later, Lucy introduces Richard Lord to David Hunter.  Lucy thanks Ricahrd Lord for helping her with her work.  "You're a pleasure to teach," says Richard Lord.
Winnie Plumtree's son telephones Winnie and tells her that he is in Birmingham and he has brought her grandson to see her.  Winnie tells him that she will ask Mrs Mortimer of she can have some time off to spend with them.
Lorelei Masefield arrives at the motel and David Hunter greets her at the reception desk.  "Can I help you?" he asks.  "If you wait a moment I'll tell you the answer to that," says Miss Masefield, and asks the man accompanying her, Rupert Peake, for her glasses.  She puts the glasses on then looks at David.  "Ummm, yes," says Miss Masefield.  Miss Masefield tells David that they have a restaurant booking.  She says she has heard of Mrs Ricahrdson and that she has got herself a new husband and a new partner.  "A mister D Hunter," says Miss Masefield.  "David.  David Hunter," says David, introducing himself.  Miss Masefield tells David that she would like to see Mrs Mortimer.
Later Meg hears about Lorelei Masefield and learns that she is a writer.  Max Lorimer tells Meg that he knows of Miss Masefield and tells Meg that he has heard that she is very eccentric.
Sharon Metcalfe see's Denis Harper working overtime in the garage, and says she thought he would be out with Meena.  "She doesn't want to know does she," says Denis.  He tells Sharon that he asked Meena to come to another stock car race but she refused.  Sharon says it's not really surprising because it reallt shook Meena up when he crashed his car.  She says Meena is under her fathers thumb.
Later Sharon see's Mr Chaudri in the motel reception and apologises for keeping the fact that Meena was out with her from him.  "I must meet Mrs Chaudri sometime," says Sharon.  Mr Chaudri excuses himself.  "have I said something wrong?" asks Sharon.
Max Lorimer tells the motel kitchen staff about Lorelei Masefield and says Miss Masefield can wipe everyone off the face of the earth with one paragraph and he is going to make sure she doesn't do that to the motel.
Meg Mortimer meets Lorelei Masefield and her associate Rupert Peake.  Meg excuses herself and goes to the kitchen where she is helping out as they are short staffed.  Later, Miss Masefield and Rupert Peake have dinner in the restaurant and Miss Masefield congratulates Max Lorimer on the meal.  She says she would like to meet the chef.  Max tries to stall her but Lorelei Masefield goes into the kitchen and asks who the chef is.  Meg points a finger at herself and introduces Lorelei to the kitchen staff.  As Meg introduces Winnie Plumtree Lorelei Masefield's eyes open wide.  "Winnie!" she says.  "Elsie!" says Winnie Plumtree, and rushes to hug Lorelei.  Winnie explains to everyone that she used to dress Miss Masefield.  Lorelei gives Winnie her address and tells her to come and visit her.  Lorelie Masefield tells Meg not to worry about the motels reputation because the only person she is going to blast off the face of the earth is the manager of Fairlawns Hotel.  "Bad?" asks Meg.  "Filthy," says Lorelie Masefield.    

1977 Episodes continued

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