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Denis Harper talks to Meena Chaudri at reception and tells her that he doesn't want ot come between her and her parents.  Denis asks Meena why she didn't want to come out with him.  "Is it because of your father?  I thought he like me," says Denis.  Meena explains that her father doesn't like the idea of her socialising with a non-Indian man.  "I mean, it isn't as though there is anything between us," says Meena.  "No, nothing between us," says Denis and kisses her.  "You don't understand...," says Meena, but Denis shushes her.  "Nothing between us," says Denis and kisses her again.
Stan Harvey has a tonic water with Sharon Metcalfe in the motel bar and she asks him if he thinks the running is doing him any good.  Stan says he feels better.
Diane Parker tells Vera that she would like to invite Max Lorimer to dinner at the boat.
Jim Baines joins Stan and Sharon in the motel bar and tells them about the kidney operation.
Jill Harvey and David Hunter have a drink in the office and Winnie Plumtree comes in.  She tells them that her son and grandson are on holiday from Toronto and asks if she could have some time off to be with him.
Jim Baines tells Stan that he doesn't know when he is going to have to go into hospital to have his kidney removed, but warns him that it will be short notice.  Jim tells Sharon that the hospital tests showed that Muriel wasn't suitable as a kidney donor so it had to be him.  Sharon says she thinks what he is doing is fantastic.
Stan and Jill see David in reception and David asks them how there meal was.  Stan says he doesn't know because he didn't have any as he is on a diet.  "From where I'm standing you look as if you could do with some jogging yourself," Stan tells David.  He asks David if he would like to come jogging with him and Denis.  He shows David some brochures on exercise machines.  At that moment Vera Downend comes into reception and asks David if he could go to the office to attend to some paper work.  David and Vera leave reception together.
David and Vera go into the office and David puts the papers which need signing onto Kate Hamilton's desk.  "I thought you wanted to do them now," says Vera.  "Vera.  Have you ever been saved by a bell?" asks David.  "Yes," answers Vera.  "Well, just now.  You were the bell.  Stan is on a keep fit kick and he wanted me to join him in some jogging," says David, and Vera giggles.
Muriel Baines tells Jim that the hospital rang and they want him to go into hospital tomorrow.
Mr Chaudri arrives at the motel to pick Meena up and meets Sharon Metcalfe again.  He invites her to have dinner at their home but Sharon tells him that she was going to have dinner with Denis Harper on that day.  "Well why not bring him along too," says Mr Chaudri.
Stan goes to the motel office where he chats with Sandy.  Stan asks where everyone is and Sandy tells him that David and Kate are moving into the cottage today.  "Yes, that's a cosy little set-up," says Stan.  Sandy says it's all quite decent and David just wants someone to cook and do the housework.
Denis Harper thanks Meena Chaudri for the invitation to dinner.  He says something Sharon said made him think that she was under her fathers thumb, but Meena insists that it isn't like that at all.
David Hunter and Kate Hamilton move their belongings into the cottage and take a break for coffee.  Kate tells David that Lucy has been up in her room all day and she can't get her to come down.  David goes to the bottom of the stairs and calls for Lucy.  "Coming," says Lucy.
Denis Harper tells Meena that they will have to tell her father about them sometime.
Lucy, Kate and David have dinner at the cottage.  Lucy receives a telephone call from Richard Lord and they arrange a french lesson for the next day.  Lucy suggests they have the lesson at the coattage.
Stan Harvey wishes Jim Baines well for his operation.
Diane tells Vera that she has invited Max Lorimer to dinner on the boat so she would be grateful if Vera could make herself scarce. 
Lucy Hamilton tells David that she never thought she would enjoy french lessons so much.  She says Richard Lord is so mature.  David looks at her a little anxiously.
Jim Baines goes into hospital.
David asks Max Lorimer if he thinks Lorelei Masefield will write an article on the motel and Max says probably not thanks to Winnie Plumtree.  "Let sleeping dogs lie," says David.  "Yes, especially if they're bitches like this one," says Max.
Lucy Hamilton prepares for her french lesson woth Richard Lord.  He arrives and Lucy suggests they work in the garden as it's such a lovely day, but Richard Lord says no because there are too many distractions.  He tells Lucy that he has been reading some of her essays and her writing is very mature.  "Perhaps that's why I prefer more mature company," says Lucy.  Lucy puts on some french music.  "All the sixth formers call me Richard so why don't you call me Richard", suggests Richard.  "Okay Richard," says Lucy.

1977 Episodes continued

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