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Max Lorimer talks to Diane in the kitchen and she notices a lighter belonging to Max with the initials A.L. engraved on it.  Max tells her that his real name is Arthur but he changed it to Max. 
Lucy Hamilton finds her mother discussing houses with David.  When Kate asks her if she has eaten and Lucy says no, Kate guesses that her daughter is on one of her diets again.  David tells Lucy it's not good for her.  "Come on young lady.  I'll teach you the real value of food," he says playfully grabbing her by the collar and marching her to the Motel kitchen.    
Denis Harper and Meena Chaudri return to the motel garage and Denis goes to clean up.  Jim Baines tells Meena that maybe she should try and talk Denis out of doing anymore stock car racing. 
David takes Lucy Hamilton to the kitchen and arranges for her to have some food.  "Nice kid, isn't she," David says to Vera Downend, who is on reception duty.  "I like having a youngster around.  Well, it keeps us young," he says. 
Later, when Lucy has finished her meal she speaks to Vera at reception.  "Wasn't it nice of Mr Hunter to fix that meal for me," says Lucy.  "Well he likes you," Vera tells her.  "I'm so glad because I think he's great," says Lucy.  Lucy asks Vera if she thinks she could have her hair done in a more sophisticated stlye and Vera says she had better ask her mother first.  "Vera.  When you were my age did you have a lot of boyfriends your own age?  You know I find boys of my own age silly," says Lucy.  "You'll probably settle for someone about eighteen," says Vera.  "Oh eighteen's far too young.  I prefer the older man.  Anything from 35 to 45," says Lucy.
Stan Harvey and Denis Harper jog into the garage and begin doing exercises on the floor.  Stan then jogs over to the motel for something to eat.  He goes to the kitchen and asks Winnie Plumtree for two packed lunches, one for him the other for Denis.  Winnie tells him that she will pack him some apple pie.  "Oh no, I can't.  I've got to watch my weight.  Doctor's orders," says Stan.
Hilary Maddox tells Mr Berenson about a boy who was killed in a car crash who has kidneys which are a perfect match for Michael Baines.  She says he was carrying a donor card.  Hilary Maddox telephones the Baines's with the good news.  Muriel Baines says she is going to get a donor card.  "It's a way of paying them back ins't it," she says.   
At the hospital Muriel and Jim Baines are told that the operation is scheduled for that evening.
Diane Parker tells Vera that Max Lorimer's real name is Arthur.  Diane goes into the kitchen and apologises to Max for being late.  Max looks her up and down and tells her that if she makes one more mistake then she is out of a job.  "And don't tart yourself up in my time," he says.
Jim and Muriel Baines go home.  Jim says he can't stand the thought of being cut open.  "And look at you.  A puff of wind and you'd be gone.  You're not scared are you.  You know you're some girl Mu," says Jim.
Mr Westerley, the father of the boy who died, goes to see Mr Berenson and tells him that he is not going to give permission for them to use his son's kidneys.  "I beg of you, think again," asks Mr Berenson.  Mr Berenson tells Mr Westerley that they have a boy of six who is going to die if they don't do something.  "He's got his whole life ahead of him," he says.  
Meg finds David working late one evening in the office.  They talk about Lucy Hamilton and Meg tells him that Lucy is very mature for sixteen.  She says she prefers older men and is obviously out to impress someone.  "You know, women like Kate tend to confide in their daughters a lot.  What would you do if you were in that situation?" asks Meg.  "Talk to  the mother," answers David.  "What if he were oblivious to the effect he was having on her?" asks Meg.  "Well he should be warned," says David.  "That's why I'm telling you," says Meg.  David stares at her.  Kate Hamilton comes into the office at that moment and asks them if they know where Lucy is.  "I hope she's going to make friends at Merryfields," says Kate, referring to Lucy's new school.  "Of course she will.  Lucy's a very likeable girl.  I'm very fond of her myself," says David.  "I'm glad because she adores you," says Kate. 
Later, Lucy Hamilton comes into the office with her hair in a new style, and finds David working alone.  "Well, how do you like kiiving in a chalet?" he asks.  "It's great.  It's like a holiday," says Lucy.  "I must remember that next time I'm in need of a break," says David, and pours himself a drink.  "What about boys?  Have you got a boyfriend?" asks David.  "I don't like boys.  I like men.  Older men," says Lucy.
Doctor Hilary Maddox telephones the Baines's and asks them to come to the hospital.
Richard Lord comes to the Motel at Lucy Hamilton's request to help her with her french work.  She tells him that she and her mother will be moving soon, and Richard tells her they must arrange some extra lessons at her home.  "Oh yes," says Lucy enthusiastically. 
JIm and Muriel Baines arrive at the hospital and wait in the waiting room.  Jim sits next to Mr Westerley and notices that he is having trouble lighting a cigarette, so he offers hima light.  "You waiting too?" asks Jim.  "For us the waiting's over.  Our boy's dead," says Mr Westerley.  "Oh sorry.  Our boy's in here but they've found the answer," says Jim.  "Oh I'm glad," says Mr Westerley. 
Mr Chaudri arrives at the motel to pick Meena up.  He asks Meena why she lied to him.  "The friend you said you were out with was ill in bed with a cold all last week," he says.  Sharon Metcalfe, who overhears the exchange, tells Mr Chaudri that Meena was with her on her afternoon off.
Mr Berenson tells Jim and Muriel Baines that the kidneys are no longer available and that the father of the boy who died refused to give permission for the boys kidneys to be used.  Jim asks if he can talk to this man for five minutes.  "We must realise how they feel," says Mr Berenson.  "Yeah, but I want him to feel for us.  You've got to let me try.  You gotta let me try!" shouts Jim.  Mr Berenson tells JIm that he can't let him talk to the man.

1977 Episodes continued

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