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Diane Parker accepts the offer of a job in the motel kitchen and is introduced to Max Lorimer and Winnie Plumtree.
Lucy Hamilton goes for an interview at Merryfields comprehensive school and tells Vera Downend about it.  She tells Vera that she is thinking of leaving school but Vera tells her to think about it before making a decisions.
David Hunter returns to the motel from holiday and Kate Hamilton brings him up to date with what has happened in his absence.  Kate tells him about Meg having to help out in the kitchen and about Max Lorimer's appointment.
Later David has dinner in the restaurant and is attended by Max Lorimer, who recommends the Italian food.  David says he has had enough of Italian food and order steak and kidney pie.  Max Lorimer realises who David is and David assures him that he wasn't checking up on him.  "It didn't occur to me that you would need to," says Max.
David talks to Meg and says that Max Lorimer is a bit of a smooth character and he can't help feeling that there is something not quite right.  Meg says Max is very efficient.
David talks to Kate Hamilton and tells her that Meg was under the impression that she was getting married.  Kate says Tony Moran asked her to marry him but she turned him and his offer of the flat down.  David promises to help Kate to find somewhere else to live. 
Doctor Butterworth visits Muriel Baines at home and tells her to take things easy.
David asks Sharon Metcalfe if she knows of any flats for sale, and Sharon tells him that there is a flat for sale close to where she lives.
Muriel Baines tells Jim that if their son Michael needs a kidney transplant then he can have one of theirs.  "Well you'd be for it if it came to it, wouldn't you?" she asks.  "Yeah, but let's not jump the gun.  Let's wait until someone mentions it ok," says Jim.
Lucy Hamilton comes to the motel and David, who is on duty at reception, asks if he can help her.  "I'm Lucy Hamilton.  Can you tell me where my mother is?" she asks.  "Hello.  I'm David.....," begins David.  "Hunter.  Yes, I know.  Mum's told me about you," says Lucy and shakes hands with David. 
Muriel Baines goes to see Doctor Butterworth and asks him if the kidney has to come from a dead person, and the doctor says no.  Muriel tells him that she would like to donate one of her kidney's to Michael.
Lucy Hamilton finds Kate in the office and tells her that she has just met David Hunter.  "He's super.  Don't think I haven't noticed the extra care you're taking over your appearance," says Lucy.  "Lucy!" exclaims Kate.  "Keep it up Mum.  I reckon he's going to count as much as Tony Moran," says Lucy.
Later, David finds Kate Hamilton alone in the office and asks her out to dinner.  Kate accepts the invitation.  A little while later, Lucy comes back to the office and finds her mother alone.  She tells Kate that she has cancelled an outing with her friends so she could keep her company.  Kate says she won't be lonely as David has asked her to have dinner with him and she has accepted.  Lucy smiles and says she will telephone her friends and tell them she can make it after all.
Doctor Butterworth visits Jim and Muriel Baines at home and tells them that either of them could be kidney donors but they will have to have tests carried out beforehand. 
David Hunter and Kate Hamilton have dinner at the motel and David tells Kate that he wanted to talk to her.  Max Lorimer approaches the table and asks David for his choice of wine.  Max recommends a particular wine and assures David that it is a good year.
David tells Kate that he would like to find a house for himself but most of them are too large for him alone.  "How do you feel about sharing?" he asks.  Noticing Kate's astonished expression David quickly adds.  "I mean, you and Lucy living in one half."  "But how much?" asks Kate.  "Rent free," answers David.  "There's got to be a catch," says Kate.  "Well that depends on how you feel about cooking and housework," says David. 
Max Lorimer returns to their table with the wine and pours a small amount in David's glass.  David tastes it.  "Yes, it certainly is a good year," he says.

1977 Episodes continued

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