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Mr Booth complains to Sandy about Max Lorimer and Sandy asks him to give Max another chance.
Jim Baines arrives home and Muriel tells him that their son Michael has been sick.  They argue and Muriel tells Jim that she knows he has been out with a girl.  "Look I'm back, and this time I'm back to stay," shouts Jim, and storms out of the room.
George McClusky proposes to Sylvia and she accepts. They tell Meg and Sandyt thie good news. 
The following day at work Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim Baines that she is going to leave, but Jim tells her there is no need.
Doctor Butterworth goes to the Baines' home to see Michael Baines.  He tells Muriel and Jim Baines that Michael has kidney troube and he needs to go on a kidney machine.  Muriel and Jim go to the hospital and talk to Doctor Hilary Maddox about the kidney machine, but she advises them to talk to the specialist, Mr Berenson. 
Vicky Lambert leaves the motel and Sandy goes on holiday alone. 
There is unrest in the motel kitchen.  Mr Booth leaves and Meg is forced to help out in the kitchen until a new chef can be found.
Tony Moran, who is the owner of the casino and Kate Hamilton's former boss, threatens to throw Kate Hamilton out of the flat which went with her job.  Suddenly he changes his mind and asks Kate to dinner.  He says he hopes they can be friends.  Later Kate Hamilton tells Meg about Tony Moran's change of mind, and says she knows that he wants them to be more than just friends. 
Jim and Muriel Baines talk to Mr Berenson at the hospital about their son Michael going onto a kidney machine but Mr Berenson tells them it isn't a good idea. 
Meena Chaudri's father arrives at the motel and has his car fixed at the motel garage by mechanic Denis Harper.
Jane Smith complains to Meg about Max Lorimer, and threatens to leave, but Meg persuades her to take her holiday first and then decide.  Meg gets Max Lorimer into the office and tells him that he is selfish and rude.
The day of George and Slyvia McClusky's wedding arrives.  Slyvia talks to Meg before the ceremony and asks her who she should throw her bouquet to.  "Why not Jane," suggests Meg.  "Or Kate Hamilton," says Slyvia.  "Oh you mean Mr Moran?" asks Meg.  "It doesn't have to be him," says Slyvia.
Vera Downend talks to Meg and says she heard they were looking for someone to help out in the kitchen.  She suggests Diane Parker.
George and Slvia McClusky arrive at the motel following their marriage.  Slyvia throws her bouquet at Kate Hamilton.  "Be happy," says Slyvia.
Vera Downend telephones Diane Parker and tells her about the job in the motel kitchen.  She tells Diane to come to the motel the next day and talk to Meg Mortimer.
Kate Hamilton's teenage daughter Lucy arrives at the Motel and excitedly tells her mother about her at boarding school.  Kate tells Lucy that she doesn't think she will be able to afford to keep her at the baording school as she is not earning the same money as she was when she worked at the casino.  She tells Lucy that she will have to go to the comprehensive school in Merryfields.
Meena Chaudri receives a book of Indian poetry from garage mechanic Denis Harper.
Doctor Butterworth tells Jim Baines that Michael might not have to go on a kidney machine but could have a kidney transplant.
Lucy Hamilton asks Kate where they will be staying and Kate tells her that she has decided to stay at Tony Moran's flat.  Lucy is immediately suspicious about this arrangement, and says Tony Moran is only letting her stay at the flat because he fancies her.  Lucy begs her mother to look for somewhere else to stay and Kate realises that she is right.  She telephones Tony Moran and tells him that she has decided not to accept his offer to stay on at his flat. 

1977 Episodes continued

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