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Meena Chaudri telephones her father and tells her that Denis Harper is fixing his car and will drive her home in it later.  Denis Harper buys Meena a coffee at the motel but shortly after Meena's father arrives at the motel and tells Meena off for disobeying him.
Denis Harper tells Mr Chaudri that it is his fault that Meena is late, and he explains.  Mr Chaudri apologises to Denis.
David asks Kate if she has thought about the idea of sharing a house.  Kate says she likes the idea but she doesn't want to be under any obligation.
Winnie Plumtree takes a booking for the restaurant but gets things muddled up.  Max Lorimer shouts at her but Diane tells him not to panic because Winnie took a phone number.  Diane goes to the phone and dials the number.  "Hello," she says, then puts the phone down quickly.  "What's wrong?" asks Max.  "That can't be right.  That was the crematorium," says Diane.
Doctor Hilary Maddox shows Mr Berenson and Doctor Butterworth the report on Michael Baines and they all agree that it isn't good news.
Winnie Plumtree's mysterious dinner guests arrive and Max Lorimer tells Diane that the man is the director of the crematorium.
Doctor Hilary Maddox telephones all the hospitals in the area in search of a kidney machine for Michael Baines.  She finds one possible hospital but there is still a waiting list.  Doctor Butterworth telephones the Baines's and lets them know the siutation.  He makes an appointment to see them the following day.
The following day Jim and Muriel Baines go to the hospital to see the specialist Mr Berenson.  He tells them that if they can't find a kidney machine for Michael then they will have to do a transplant and one of the Baines's will have to donate.  "But surely we'll both be suitable," says Muriel.  "Either or both.  We shall have to wait and see," says Mr Berenson.  "I'm right in saying that the best match would come from us," asks Jim Baines.  "Yes," answers Mr Berenson.
David and Kate discuss the house they are going to buy.  Stan Harvey brings David some house lists which the McClusky's left behind.
Later, Lucy Hamilton goes to the office and begins looking through the house lists.  David comes in and Lucy shows him one particular house that she likes.  "Early Victorian.  It sounds ideal," says David.  "Can we go and see it?" asks Lucy.
Vera Downend and Sharon Metcalfe spot Denis Harper and Meena Chaudri together.  Sharon says Denis is probably the first boy Meena has been interested in.
Lucy Hamilton and David return to the motel after having visited a house, and they tell Kate it's ideal.
Jim Baines talks to Stan and tells him that the stress is beginning to get to Muriel.  He says Muriel has got it into her head that if they lose Micahel they will break up.
David receives a call from the owners of the house they went to see to say they have accepted his offer.
Doctor Butterworth see's Stan Harvey gorging himself on sandwiches and beer and warns him to be careful about his weight.  He points out that Stan is getting a bit podgy.
Meg apologises to David for leaving him to do all the work.  David tells her that he has found a house.
Stan tells Jill about what Doctor Butterworth said and says he knows he is a bit overweight but that he could lose it if he wanted to.  "I bet you couldn't," challenges Jill.  Stan pushes his plate of sandwiches and beer aside.  "Right!" he says.
Max Lorimer finds that the motel restaurant is fully booked and that Diane has taken a booking for the Potterton's at the same time as another party.   

1977 Episodes continued

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