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Diane Parker shows Vera Downend the photos of her holiday in America.  She says she resents Nicky's step-mother because it means Nicky isn't hers anymore.  "He's an American kid now.  I'm more like an auntie, a pretty auntie.  He thinks I'm pretty," says Diane, sadly.
Sharon Metcalfe asks Jim if he has spoken to Muriel yet, but Jim says he started too but she looked so helpless.  Sharon asks him if he wants her to come with him to break the news to Muriel but Jim says that wouldn't be a good idea. 
Vicky Lambert returns from seeing Joe Lumsden, Sandy's specialist at the hospital.  Sandy asks her where she has been and when Vicky tells him he says, "If you want to know anything I am quite capable of telling you myself."  Vicky tells Sandy that she has been doing a lot of thinking and she thinks they should cancel the holiday in Brittany.  "But why?" asks Sandy.  Vicky suggests they go to the Lake District instead, but Sandy says he wants to go to Brittany.  Vicky asks how she would manage to get him to a hospital and explain his condition in French but Sandy tells her that he has been to the hotel before and the manager speaks English.  "Happier now?" asks Sandy.  "Very," smiles Vicky. 
A man named Max Lorimer arrives at the Motel for an interview as head waiter.  Meg is obviously very impressed with him.  Max Lorimer asks Meg if he could look around the motel.
Vicky Lambert tells Meg that she found out more about Sandy's disability and she feels happier now. 
Sandy asks Meg how the interviews for head waiter are going and Meg tells him about Max Lorimer.  She says he is very charming.  "And available?" asks Sandy.  "I'm wondering if he is too good to be true," says Meg.
In the kitchen Max Lorimer introduces himself to Shughie McFee and tells him that he will be working here.
Jill asks George McClusky how Slyvia is and George says she is acting very strangely.  He says he doesn't want marriage.
Meg finds Max Lorimer in the kitchen and tells him that she has just seen the last applicant for the job as head waiter.  "When can you start?" asks Meg.  "Tomorrow," says Max.
Vicky Lambert begins to talk to Sandy about the future.  "Here you are making plans for a future we may not have or may not want.  Let's have our holiday first and see how we make out," says Sandy.
Things are getting a little heated in the kitchen and Jane Smith tells Mr Booth that the customers are beginning to complain.  Max Lorimer comes into the kitchen and introduces himself to the staff.  "I don't like saying things twice.  In other words kiddywinks, when I say jump, I mean jump.  Your mouths hanging open Glenda.  Shut it!" he says and leaves.  "Krikey," says Winnie Plumtree.
Sharon Metcalfe asks Jim Baines if he has told Muriel about them and Jim admits that he hasn't.  "You tell me straight Jim.  What's going to happen to us.  You and me eh?" asks Sharon.  "I don't know," admits Jim. 
Jim Baines returns home and shortly after he leaves again, telling Muriel that he has to go and see a man about some cars.  Jim meets Sharon Metcalfe at the motel and they have dinner together.  "Farewell do, is it?" asks Sharon.  Jim tells Sharon that he has tried to tell Muriel about them but when he looks at the children it makes it very hard.  "So you haven't told Muriel, and what's more, you can't," says Sharon.  She says she isn't surprised because she knew all along that he wouldn't be able to do it.  "Where do we go from here?" she asks. 

1977 Episodes continued

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