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The motel employs a new receptionist of Asian background called Meena Chaudri. 
Slyvia McClusky tells Jill that she and George aren't actually married, but that they are thinking about it.
Kate Hamilton comes to the motel and asks Meg if she could see David Hunter.  Meg, who is on reception duty, sends Kate through to the office.  Once in the office, Kate Hamilton asks David how the gambling is going but David tells her that he hasn't been gambling recently.  David asks her if she has come about the secretarial job and Kate says yes.  David says he knows how she works.  "I know the kind of things you've been trusted with," he says.  "Yes, but what you don't know is that I've been sacked," says Kate. 
David phones Meg and asks her if she would come through to the office.  Kate explains to David that she has a row with her boss Tony Moran, about David's latest cheque.  "Bounced?" asks David, and Kate nods.  David tells her that he can phone her boss and clear things up but Kate says she doesn't want to go back there.  Meg joins David and Kate in the office and they discuss a secretarial job for Kate.
Ed Lawton goes to Vera's boat and asks Benny to come back and work at Heywood Farm.  Benny agrees. 
Meg asks David if he is personally involved with Kate Hamilton and David says he isn't, he is just very grateful to her. 
Diane Parker arrives back at Heywood Farm from her trip to America to see her son, Nicky.  Ed Lawton and Benny welcome her back.
Meg telephones Kate Hamilton and confirms that she has got a job as a secretary at the motel.  Meg hands the telephone to David who talks briefly to Kate.  "Well I'll see you tomorrow," says Kate.  "No, I'm off on holiday tomorrow to Italy," says David.
Slyvia McClusky decides to look for a cottage in the country.  Stan tells George McClusky that Jill thinks Slyvia is buying a house because she wants to tie him down. 
The motel employ a general kitchen assistant Winnie Plumtree.
Diane asks Ed Lawton if it would be alright if she went to stay with Vera on her boat for a while and Ed says it would do her good.
Slyvia McClusky returns from house hunting and has a drink with George.  George proposes to her.  "Well let's have the answer," he says.  "George darling," says Slyvia.  "Yes, Slyvia," says George.  "No," answers Slyvia. 
Sandy asks Vicky Lambert to come on holiday with him to Britanny.  She looks at the brochure.  "It's beautiful," she says.  "So are you," says Sandy.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim Baines that she can't stand the thought of breaking up a family.  Jim tells her that things haven't been good bewtween him and Muriel for a while.  He tells Sharon that he will break the news to Muriel gently.  He takes Sharon in his arms.  At that moment Stan Harvey comes into the garage office and catches them in each others arms.  Sharon and Jim pull apart quicky and Sharon leaves.  Stan tells Jim that he isn't stupid.  "You're in too deep aren't you," says Stan.  "It's none of your business.  Just leave it to me will you," shouts Jim.
Meg tells Kate Hamilton that she is being paid less at the motel than she was earning at the casino but Kate says she is happy to be working at the motel.  Meg asks her about her daughter, and how long Kate has been divorced.  "Eight years," Kate tells her. 
Vicky lambert asks Meg's advice about going on holiday with Sandy.  She says she is anxious because she doesn't know anything about Sandy's disability.  Meg advises her to go and talk to Joe Lumsden, Sandy's specialist at the hospital, to put her mind at rest.
Stan tells Jim Baines that whatever is happening between him and Sharon Metcalfe is beginning to affect his work, and he doesn't approve.  Jim tells him that he is prepared to set up house with Sharon.  Stan asks him about his two children.

1977 Episodes continued

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