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Jim Baines asks Sharon Metcalfe to have a drink with him but Sharon tells him no.  Jim says he needs to talk to her.  "I'm not going to talk when it concerns breaking up families," says Sharon.  "It happens all the time," says Jim, nonchalently.  "Not with my help it doesn't," says Sharon firmly. 
Over breakfast at the cottage Hugh Mortimer tells Meg that he was watching her and David at the Jubilee party and she was behaving as if nothing had happened.  Meg says she wants to leave her affairs with David where they belong.  Hugh tells her that patience and understanding is what is needed. 
David tells Sandy that Meg behaved as if nothing had happened at the Jubilee party, but that he doesn't really care anymore.  Sandy tells him that he should contact someone who does care.  "It's my problem," says David.  "Yes, it's your problem but it might be all you have soon," warns Sandy. 
At the cottage Vicky Lambert tells Meg that she knows her and Hugh have been arguing because of her and that she would like to find somewhere to live.  Meg tells her that she knows of a bedsit.
Jane Smith tells Sandy that Mrs Mortimer phoned Mrs Addy to see if she had a bedsit for Miss Lambert.
Vicky tells Hugh that she is leaving the cottage and Hugh automatically thinks that Meg put her up to it, but Vicky assures him that Meg had nothing to do with her decision. 
Meg arrives at the motel and Sandy asks her if it's true that she is shifting Vicky out of the cottage.  "I'm helping Vicky to do what she wants to," Meg tells him.  "Perhaps David was right.  You do change people to suit your own convenience.  David musn't gamble because you don't like gambling," says Sandy.
David telephones Switzerland to speak to Rosemary but instead speaks to Rosemary's mother Stella Dane. 
Sandy joins David in the sitting room and tells him that he hopes they can remain friends.  David says he wants to come to an arrangement with Rosemary about the alimony he pays.
Later that evening Meg comes into the sitting room at David's request and David offers her a drink.  Meg tells him she is driving but David insists saying that it is a celebration drink.  He tells Meg that he accepts her offer and will leave the motel.  Meg says she was hoping they could sort something out.  David says he is in some financial trouble and her offer would help him out.
Gerry Hurst, Benny and a third man are loading coal onto a boat when a police car pulls up.  The policeman asks who is in charge and Gerry points to Benny.  Benny explains that they are loading coal for Mr Hawker.  The policeman says Mr Hawker has sent them to find out what they are up to.  The third man tries to run away but is caught and bundled into the police car.  The two policeman return to speak to Benny and ask him where his mate is.  Benny turns to Gerry who is no longer there.  "So your mate's left you to take the can," says the policeman, and lead Benny to the car.  As soon as the police car has driven away Gerry Hurst appears from his hiding place behind some wood and makes his way back to Vera's boat.    
Once on Vera's boat Gerry Hurst goes to Vera's cabin and collects the envelope containing money which he had hidden in a drawer.  Glenda tries to stop him.   Vera Downend returns to the boat and tells them that there has been some trouble along the canal.
David has a drink with Stan and Jill and tells them that he is selling his shares and leaving.
Gerry Hurst tells Glenda Brownlow that he is leaving and that he never loved her.  Benny arrives at the boat and when Gerry tries to leave with a suitcase full of money Benny gives chase.  Benny grabs the suitcase from gerry's grasp and throws it into the canal.
At the casino David gives Kate Hamilton another cheque for credit but Kate says his other two cheques haven't cleared yet so she can't cash another one.  David suggests she phones Meg and she will tell her how much money he will have in his account after he has sold his shares.  Kate, surprised, asks David if he is giving up his business just for the sake of gambling.  David says he was bored so that's why he started gambling.  Kate says her wages aren't much but she will write out a cheque for him.  She turns to write the cheque but when she turns around again David has gone.
Benny tells Vera that he has got to give evidence in court against Gerry Hurst.  He tells Vera that Gerry was stealing coal and selling it at a profit.
Meg telephones the casino and asks Kate Hamilton if David is there but Kate tells her that he isn't.
The following day David see's Meg in the sitting room after being away all night.  He says their partnership is over so he didn't see any point in phoning to say where he was.  He says left the casino early last night and spent the night in his car.  "I've had enough with gambling," he says. 
At the cottage Hugh Mortimer is dancing with Vicky Lambert when he suddenly collapses.  Vicky gives him some of his heart tablets, and Hugh asks her not to tell Meg.
Vicky Lambert goes to the motel to say goodbye to Sandy but Jane Smith tells her that Sandy is having his annual checkup in hospital.  The following day Vicky see's Sandy and when Vicky says goodbye Sandy asks her to stay on at the motel as his guest. 

1977 Episodes continued

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