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Meg arrives back from her trip to London and joins Sandy in the office.  She asks where David is.  Sandy tells her that David went into Birmingham last night and he hasn't come back.  Meg assumes that he stayed all night at the casino.
Muriel Baines tells Jim that he was seen in a pub with another woman and Jim denies it. 
David arrives back at the Motel and joins Sandy and Meg in the office.  "And where have you been?" asks Meg.  "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," says David.  "Try us," says Sandy.  "I spent last night in a lift, stuck between the 3rd and 4th floors," says David.  He says he was stuck in the lift with someone.  He tells Meg and Sandy that he is going to the cafeteria for some coffee.  "The staff might find it a bit strange," he says.  "They might also find it strange that your bed wasn't slept in last night," says Meg.  "My private life is nothing to do with them.  I can't be blamed for a mechanical fault," says David.  "I was worried, so was Sandy," says Meg.  "Yes, well you're here now.  Welcome back.  You don't suffer from claustrophobia," says Sandy, trying to make light of it.  "Luckily not," laughs David.  David opens the door to leave and Meg confronts him.  "David.  I offered you an ultimatum, and I'm still waiting for an answer," she says and leaves.
Vera Downend returns to her boat and finds Glenda writing a note to her.  Glenda says she promised to meet Benny at the pictures.  Vera goes into her cabin for a moment.  There is a knock on the door and Glenda answers it to Gerry Hurst.  She leaves quickly with Gerry. 
Meg arrives back at the cottage and suggests going out to eat but Meg doesn't seem very keen.  Vicky Lambert offers to cook.
Glenda Brownlow returns to the boat and tells Vera that her and Benny went to a Chinese restaurant.
The following morning Benny arrives at the boat and Vera asks him to stay for breakfast.  Vera asks Benny if he had a nice time last night.  "What?" asks Benny, puzzled, and then realises that he is supposed to be covering for Glenda.  "Last night.  Glenda said you went to a Chinese restaurant," says Vera.  "Oh yes," says Benny, and leaves quickly. 
Meg telephones an employment agency.  "No, it wasn't my co-director who phoned.  Yes, he should have checked back.  It must have slipped his mind," says Meg.
Vera Downend see's Gerry Hurst having a drink at the motel bar and joins him.  She says Glenda has been seeing a lot of Benny lately and she thinks Glenda has got a bit of a crush on Benny.  She asks Gerry if he would have a word with Glenda and Benny.
Muriel Baines finds her husband Jim and Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office, and Jim introduces the two women.  "I feel I know you.  He talks about you and the kids enough," says Sharon.
Meg asks Vicky Lambert what she will do after Hugh's book is finished, and Vicky tells her that a friend of hers in London is looking for a scretary.  "I'll recommend you," says Meg. 
Muriel talks to Jane Smith in reception and says she has just met Sharon Metcalfe.  "She's very nice.  That's what worries me," says Muriel.  "I don't think it's like that.  Not at all," says Jane. 
David joins Sandy in the office and Sandy tells him he looks remarkably calm for a man facing an ultimatum.  "You don't think I'm going to take it seriously," says David.  Sandy says he wishes Meg hadn't rushed into it.  Glenda Brownlow comes into the office and David orders coffee for him and Sandy.  "There's a Mrs Hamilton to see you," Glenda tells David.  "Show her in," says David.  "Is it private?" asks Sandy, getting ready to leave.  "I'd like you to meet her.  She's the lady in the lift," explains David. 
Jane Smith takes tea into the garage office and tells Sharon Metcalfe that she has just been talking to Muriel Baines, and she's in a bit of a state.  Jane tells Sharon that her and Jim were seen out together and it got back to Muriel.
Sandy leaves David and Kate together in the office.  Kate tells David that she thought she would come and look around the motel and David reminds her about the job he offered her.  "It was a serious offer," he says.  "I'm afraid I have to turn it down," says Kate.  "I accept your decision, with regret," says David.
Stan Harvey has a drink with Sylvia McClusky and says he didn't expect B.J. Thornton to be in on the partnership between him and George McClusky. 
Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim Baines that she doesn't feel like going out for a drink with him.  Jim guesses something has happened and Sharon says if people start talking it might get back to Muriel.
Gerry Hurst and Benny go to the motel.  Carney arrives for his night duty at the reception desk and Gerry explains that he has been thrown out of his lodgings and asks if he could stay with Carney until he finds somewhere else to live.  Carney tells him there is no room.

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