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Jane Smith tells Jim Baines that if he and Muriel wanted to go out she would be happy to babysit.  "As a matter of fact I'm free tonight," says Jane, and persuades Jim to phone Muriel and tell her they are going out.  Jim phones home.  "Muriel.  Sit down, this is going to come as a bit of a shock," says Jim.
Vera Downend returns to her boat and finds a note from Glenda to say that she has gone out with Benny.  There is a knock on the door and Vera opens it to Benny.  Vera shows him the note from Glenda and asks Benny where Glenda is.  Benny suddenly remembers that Gerry asked him to say Glenda was with him and tells Vera that he is meeting Glenda at the disco.
George and Slyvia McClusky talk to David who is on reception duty, and they ask him to have dinner with them.  George goes to change the table booking to accomodate three people.  "I don't know any good jokes, " Slyvia tells David.  "What?" asks David.  "To cheer you up," says Slyvia.  George McClusky rejoins David and Slyvia and David says he doesn't feel much like having dinner with them after all.
Late that night Carney is on night duty at the reception desk when Jane Smith comes into reception.  Jane tells him that she has left her front door key in her locker.  "Isn't it gloomy in here.  Don't you ever get bored?" asks Jane.  Carney says he is expecting Mr Hunter back any time and they usually have a chat.  "I've been very close to Mr Hunter these last few months.  I've seen through him," says Carney.  "What do you see?" asks Jane.  "A man of high ideals.  I think he is seeking something and he will only find it when he moves on," Carney tells her.  "You don't think Mr Hunter would do anything daft, do you?" asks Jane, anxiously.
At the casino David finishes his game and goes to the office.  "Good evening Mr Hunter?" enquires Kate Hamilton.  "Not bad," answers David, handing in his gambling chips.  A man in the office helps Kate Hamilton on with her coat, then begins to close up the office for the night.  David asks Kate Hamilton if he can give her a lift home.  "That's very kind of you, but I've got my own car, thank you," says Kate.  David bids her goodnight and goes to the lift.
Kate Hamilton joins David and they wait for the lift together.  They lift arrives and they both get in.  Before they reach the ground floor the lift stops.  "Don't take any notice," says Kate.  "What?" asks David.  "We're stuck between floors.  It happens all the time," says Kate.  She picks up the internal phone and tries to get in touch with someone to help them.  "Well you did offer me a lift Mr Hunter," laughs Kate.  "No one's there," she says, putting the phone down.  "What do we do now?" asks David.  "Well do you know any good songs for around the camp fire?" asks Kate.  "You mean we're trapped here?" asks David.  "Until morning.  The cleaners arrive at eight.  We'd better make ourselves comfortable.  Take off your shoes,"says Kate and sits down, kicking off her shoes.  "You'd better call me Kate," says Kate, holding out her hand. 
"David," says David, shaking her hand.  "I hope you've got a good line in chat, because it looks as if we're going to be here for a long time," says Kate.  David sits down with his back against the lift door, loosens his tie, takes off his jacket and puts it over his knees.
David tells Kate Hamilton about himself.  "You haven't asked me what a nice girl like me is doing in a place like this," says Kate.  David looks dramaticall around the lift.  "No, I meant the casino," laughs Kate.  "Alright, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" asks David.  Kate tells him that she is assistant manager and secretary.  Kate tells David that she can't understand why a man of his background gambles.  "The truth is I'm in too deep," David tells her.  Kate tells David that she is separated from her American husband, is waiting for her divorce and has a sixteen year old daughter Lucy, who is at boarding school.
Jim Baines gets up early and goes into the kitchen.  Muriel joins him.  "Are you going to tell me.  It's no use pretending things are alright because they aren't," says Muriel.  Jim tells her that things aren't going very well at work.
Vicky Lambert talks to Sandy in the office.  They are interupted by Jane Smith, who rushes in flustered.  "Sandy.  It's Mr Hunter.  He asked me to call him at eight o'clock but his bed hasn't been slept in," she says. 
In the casino lift, Kate asks David why he gambles.  "I mean you're not particularly lucky," she says.  "Or unlucky," points out David.  Kate says she thinks he is a fool to gamble, and David says he can afford it.
Sandy and Vicky discuss what to do about David.  "You're fond of him aren't you?" asks Vicky.  "David?  Well, he's been around so long he's more like an uncle," says Sandy.  Sandy asks Vicky if she would ask Jane Smith to come back into the office, and not to spread it around about David.  "Well she was worried and she did want you to call the police," says Vicky.  Sandy says if something had happened to David the police would have called them.
David asks Kate Hamilton if she would consider leaving her job at the casino and come to work as a secretary at the motel.  "Do you really mean it?" asks Kate.  "Well, we've just had a six hour interview," says David.  "The trouble is, I don't trust gamblers," says Kate.

1977 Episodes continued

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