1977 Episodes ... continued

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Gerry Hurst goes to Vera's boat and tells Glenda that he has been thrown out of his lodgings.  Glenda tells him that he can stay on the boat.  Vera comes out of her cabin and asks what is going on.  Glenda explains and says she told Gerry that he could stay on the boat.  Vera has to agree, reluctantly.
Vicky Lambert tells Sandy that Meg has told her about a job in Paris and she is sure she is trying to ease her out.  "I don't want you to be eased out," says Sandy.  "Sandy.  I can take care of myself," says Vicky. 
Meg asks Glenda if she knows whether Bill and Avis's ex-landlady, Mrs Addy, has any spare rooms.  Glenda says she will ask Jane Smith.  Jill overhears and asks Meg if the spare room is for Vicky Lambert and Meg admits that it is.
Sandy talks to Meg and says it's no wonder she didn't offer Vicky the job as motel secretary because she wants her as far away as possible. 
Hugh Mortimer keeps Meg company in the office whilst she tries to type a letter.  He asks her how long she is going to be.  "I'd be a lot quicker if people would stop interupting," says Meg.  Hugh asks who is going to cook his dinner.  "I'm sure Vicky would do it," snaps Meg.  "Are you jealous of that girl?" asks Hugh.  Meg doesn't answer.  "She is our guest you know," says Hugh. 
Carney bumps into Vera and she explains that Gerry Hurst is staying on the boat.  She says it might sort out this crush between Benny and Glenda.  Carney laughs and tells her that Glenda has been going out with Gerry.
David joins Meg in the office and helps himself to a drink.  "You staying in tonight?" asks Meg.  David nods.  "Saving you energy for the other nights," says Meg and hands David a letter she has just finished typing.  "It's to say that you hand over your shares to me and take no further interest in the Motel.  We can't go on like this.  So please sign it David, and leave," she says, and leaves the office.  She goes into the sitting room, and David follows her.  "Look Meg, don't you think we should talk," he says.  Meg says he spends more time at the gambling casino than he does at the Motel.  "It's a good offer.  If you're not interested perhaps my solicitor will be," says Meg.
Vera tells Benny that she knows the truth about Glenda and Gerry. 
Sandy joins David in the sitting room and David tells him that Meg is trying to force him into selling his shares.  "She's getting her solicitor onto it, and no doubt some of Hugh's friends.  If she gets her solicitor I'll get mine.  I'll play her at her own game.  I'll even go as far as court," says David. 
Glenda and Gerry return to the boat and find Vera and Benny waiting for them.  Glenda tells her that her and Gerry went to the Chinese takeaway and she is meeting Benny now.  "Glenda.  It's no good.  Vera knows," says Benny.  "I think we should have a talk Glenda," says Vera. 
George and Slyvia McClusky have coffee in the motel foyer, and Slyvia tells George that she wants to talk to him about something that's been bothering her.  Just at that moment David Hunter walks into reception and asks George and Slyvia to come to the casino with him.  George accepts and David leaves them.  "You don't really want to go do you?" Slyvia asks George.  "No," admits George McClusky.  "Have you got a plan for David?" asks Slyvia.  "In a way.  Look I know he's losing, but I want to see how he is losing," says George.
Gerry Hurst tells Benny off for telling Vera about him and Glenda, but Benny says he didn't tell her. 
Later Glenda faces Vera and tells her that Gerry has been marvellous.  "We love each other," she says. 
Vicky Lambert goes to the pictures and Hugh takes the opportunity to find out what is upsetting Meg.  Meg tells him that she has had a hard day at the motel.  Hugh assures Meg that nothing has happened between him and Vicky.  "Anyway I have decided to give Vicky her notice," says Hugh.  "There's no need to do that.  She can stay until the book is finished," says Meg.  "Oh darling.  I knew you'd say that," says Hugh.

1977 Episodes continued

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