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Vicky Lambert tells Hugh Mortimer that her father is divorcing her mother.  She tells him that Sandy has invited her to dinner again tonight.
David Hunter goes to the gambling casino and loses at blackjack.  He goes to the casino office to get some gaming chips.  "I'm David Hunter, new member.  I'd like to make out another credit cheque," he says to Kate Hamilton, the woman behind the counter.  Kate Hamilton asks him if he wants the same amount as previously, and David says yes, half in cash and half in chips.  "Thank you Mr Hunter, and good luck," says Kate Hamilton. 
Gerry Hurst goes to the boat and tells Glenda that he thought they might go to the pictures, but Glenda says she would rather stay in.  Gerry agress.  Benny comes into the boat and Gerry changes his mind and says he and Glenda are going to the pictures.  Vera Downend comes back unexpectedly.
Vicky and Sandy have dinner at the motel and Vicky says she thinks she is getting on Mrs Mortimer's nerves.  She says Meg uses any excuse to work late.  "Someone is getting on her nerves, but it's not you," says Sandy.
Gerry Hurst tells Benny that they have got some more overtime the following evening.  Benny tells him that Glenda is asking a lot of questions.  "Don't you worry about Glenda.  I'll keep her happy," says Gerry.
Stan tells Sandy that he had to go to London to tell Mike Ellis that he was going into partnership with George McClusky and he wants to leave Gocol.  He says Mike Ellis didn't seem too keen to let him go.
Hugh tells Vicky that Meg has got business in London and she will be staying overnight in London.  Vicky says she doesn't think it's right that she will be staying overnight with him at the cottage, but Hugh says he won't hear anymore about it.
Stan tells Slyvia McClusky that he doesn't think it's going to be easy to leave Gocol and they even threatenend to take legal action.  Slyvia tells Stan not to worry and leave it to George.
Vicky goes to the motel and tells Sandy that Meg will be in London overnight.  "And where will you be staying?" asks Sandy.  Vicky explains that Hugh Mortimer wants her to stay at the cottage as usual, and when she suggested staying at the motel he took it as an insult.  "Alright Sandy.  I will stay at the motel," says Vicky.  "No you won't.  I've got a better idea," says Sandy. 
David gives Sandy some papers for Meg to sign.  "She's gone to London.  Didn't she tell you?" asks Sandy.  "We're not very close at the moment.  You know your mother offered me an ultimatum.  To give up gambling, in my own time, or give up my partnership," says David.  "Well if she said it, she means it," Sandy tells him.  Sandy asks him what he is getting out of gambling and David explains that it is a sort of education and it has taught him the value of money.  "So you want to learn about yourself," asks Sandy.
Gerry Hurst goes to Vera's boat and tells Glenda Brownlow that he is taking her out to a disco.  Gerry says Vera won't like her going out with him so if she asks Glenda is to say that she has been out with Benny.
David admits to Sandy that he has a gambling problem and says Meg suggested getting outside help.  Sandy suggests Gamblers Anonymous.  "Sit there with people I don't know," says David.  "Who all share the same problem," Sandy points out.  "I pride myself in knowing it's my problem.  I'll just have to carry on until it sickens me," says David.
Gerry Hurst tells Benny that he is taking Glenda out and that if Vera asks where Glenda is Benny is to say that she has been with him.  "I don't know Gerry.  You like keeping secrets don't you," says Benny.
At Meg and Hugh's cottage, Vicky Lambert cooks dinner for Hugh.  Hugh tells her she needn't have gone to so much trouble just for the two of them.  "Three of us.  Ducks his favourite," says Vicky.  At that moment the doorbell rings and Vicky opens the door to Sandy.  Sandy wheels his chair ino the lounge.  "Hello Hugh," he says cheerfully.  Vicky tells Hugh that Sandy is staying the night.
In the garage office, Stan, Sharon, Slyvia and Jim wait for George McClusky to arrive.  When George arrives Jim, Sharon and Slyvia go to the motel bar, leaving George and Stan to discuss business.  George McClusky tells Stan that he managed to come to an agreement with B.J. Thornton and hands Stan a cheque for 7,500.  They decide to name the new business S.J. Enterprises, after Sarah Jane Harvey.   

1977 Episodes continued

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