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Meg finds David working in the sitting room.  She asks him if they are still friends.  "Friends forgive, partners don't," says David.  "You admit you've got a problem?" asks Meg.  David says yes, but he has to work it out by himself.  "But it's affecting your work," says Meg.  "But I do the work," points out David.  "Yes, but you have to catch up just like you're doing now," says Meg.  "Yes but I still do it," says David.  "It doesn't suit Sandy and me," says Meg.  "I have to work it out in my own time," says David.  "Well, I haven't got time.  Gambling is affecting your work.  Give it up or your partnership.  They're not compatible," says Meg and leaves the room.
Meg goes into reception and talks to Sandy at the desk.  She says he seems to have accepted David's gambling better than she has.  "I've just had a very unsatisfactory talk with David and we'll probably never be able to talk about it again.  I wasn't going to say anything, and I wish I hadn't," says Meg.  She says David told her in so many words to mind her own business.  "But it is my business.  David's and mine," she says.
Gerry Hurst and Benny go back to Vera's boat after doing overtime, and Glenda asks why they are making so much of a mystery about it.
Sandy tells David he heard that he and his mother had a row.  "Mum's not particularly proud of her part in it," says Sandy. 
A man arrives at the motel and asks Sandy to tell Miss Lambert that he is here.  Sandy tells him that Miss Lambert left three days ago.  "You wouldn't be Mr Richardson, the one who seems to irritate her so much.  Well how do you do.  I'm her father," says Mr Lambert, and shakes Sandy's hand enthusiastically.  "Did she leave a forwarding address?" asks Mr Lambert.
Sandy takes Mr Lambert to the sitting room.  Mr Lambert tells Sandy that he knows he had nothing to do with his wife running off with Professor Angrave, and anyway he saw it coming for a long time.  Sandy tells Mr Lambert that Vicky is working as a secretary to his step father.
Vicky Lambert telephones Hugh Mortimer at the cottage and tells him that she is in Birmingham and has finished all the work he asked her to do.  She asks him if she should book into the motel or come to the cottage, and Hugh tells her to come to the cottage.  "Well, got through all the work in one day.  How about that," says Hugh to Meg when he has finished speaking to Vicky.  "As you say, there's no way you can keep up with her," says Meg, and goes off to bed.  Hugh telephones Snady at the motel and tells him to take Vicky out the following evening and keep her away from the cottage so that he and Meg can have an evening alone.
Muriel Baines tries to talk to Jim but he doesn't listen.  Suddenly Muriel bursts into tears and Jim asks her what's wrong.
George McClusky talks to David Hunter and says he hasn't seen him at the gambling club for a while.  David tells him that he goes in the afternoon.  George tells David that he has to be care ful that he doesn't get hooked.  "I can handle it," says David. 
Jim Baines manages to calm Muriel down and asks her what is wrong.  Muriel says they don't seem to be able to talk anymore.  "I know I've let myself go," says Muriel.  "No love it's not you.  It's me love, me," says Jim.  "We'll be alright.  We'll see it through Jim," says Muriel.
Gerry Hurst, Benny and Glenda Brownlow go to the motel and Gerry sends Benny to get the drinks.  Glenda questions Gerry about the overtime that him and Benny are doing.
Hugh Mortimer tells Vicky Lambert that Sandy wants to see her at the motel.
David tells Sandy that he doesn't like Meg interfering.  He says Meg talked to Slyvia McClusky and she told George.  "And George told you what you already know," says Sandy. 
Gerry Hurst takes Glenda back to Vera's boat and tells her that he has fallen for her. 
Sandy takes Vicky Lambert to the sitting room and has dinner brought in.  Sandy tells her that her father came to the motel.  "I knew it was on the cards," says Vicky.  "And the divorce?" asks Sandy.  Vicky starts sobbing and says she didn't know about the divorce.  Sandy explains that her father is going to Spain and is sighting Professor Angrave as a co-respondent in the divorce.
At the casino in Birmingham David joins the other players at the blackjack table, and waits nervously for the cards to be dealt. 
Vicky Lambert recovers her composure and asks Sandy not to spread it around that she was crying.  Sandy says she needn't be afraid of crying.
Gerry Hurst asks Glenda to keep their friendship a secret.  He says Vera would go mad if she found out about them.
David comes to work late and tells Sandy that he went to the casino.  "I enjoy gambling, and as long as I do I will carry on doing it," says David.
Stan Harvey asks David his advice.  He says if he is going into partnership with George McClusky he has to wind up his agreement with Gocol.  He asks David how he should tackle it.  "Thanks David," says Stan after he has listened to David's advice.  "Anytime," says David.  "Yeah, except when you're in a hurry to do something else," says Stan. 

1977 Episodes continued

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