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Meg arrives at the motel and gives Sandy the keys to the safe.  She asks if David got back in time to take over reception duty.  "Do you know where he went?" asks Meg.  "Mum.  I don't think David's very well," says Sandy.  Vera Downend comes into the sitting room to give Sandy some papers.  "Well if David went to the doctor, why didn't he say," says Meg.  "He didn't go to the doctors Mrs Mortimer.  He told me he was visiting friends in Birmingham," says Vera.
Meg guesses that David was in Birmingham gambling.  "Look Mum, don't you think it's time you  forgot your objection to gambling," says Sandy.  "I'm upset about David," says Meg, just as David walks into the sitting room.  "Sorry, and my ears weren't even burning," says David, walking to the desk.  "here it is.  The watch I bought in Birmingham yesterday," says David, taking a package from the desk.  "Oh is that what held you up?" asks Meg sarcastically.  "Mum, that wasn't a very fair question," says Sandy.  "I went to the bank and then to a club I belong to.  A gaming club.  I have the right to enjoy myself during my time off.  After all, gambling has been legal in this country for eighty years," says David.  "And my objection to glambling goes back further than that," says Meg.  "I didn't think as a partner I'd have to clock in," says David.  Meg stands, looks at David, then walks out.  "I thought I'd send this to Chris," David tells Sandy, looking at the package containing the watch in his hand.
Vera Downend tells Jane Smith that Constance Merrow has asked her to go and stay with her and Clive in London.  She says she is a bit worried about leaving Glenda on her own.  Jane tells Vera that she will keep an eye on Glenda.
Stan tells Jim that their partnership wasn't official, there was nothing in writing.  "There's a girl I wanted to have a drink with but she's probably gone.  It ain't my night is it," says Jim.
Jim Baines arrives home and Muriel kisses him.  She puts on some perfume but Jim fails to respond to his wife's efforts. 
Benny has breakfast with Glenda Brownlow on Vera's boat.  Gerry Hurst arrives and asks Glenda if he could have a private word with Benny.  Once Glenda has left Gerry tells Benny that he does a few odd jobs on the side for his boss and gets the money in his hand.  He asks Benny if he would be interested in some extra work, and Benny agrees. 
Stan Harvey talks to Jim Baines in the garage office and says he said some things yesterday that perhaps he shouldn't have said.  He says the offer from George McClusky is the biggest thing that's happened to him and he would be stupid to refuse it.
Gerry Hurst tells Benny to keep the extra work a secret.  Glenda Brownlow guesses something is going on and tries to get Benny to talk but Benny doesn't.
Muriel Baines goes to the motel and gives Jane Smith a list of children who are coming to the Queen's Jubilee party.  Sharon Metcalfe comes into reception at that moment and says hello to Jane before going to the bar.  Jane tells Muriel who Sharon is and that she works in the garage office.  "Nice girl.  Smart," says Muriel, looking Sharon up and down.
Glenda Brownlow tells Vera that Gerry Hurst and Benny have a big secret.  "I'll find out sooner or later," says Glenda.
Sandy goes to Meg and Hugh's cottage and Hugh asks him if he should go and fetch Vicky Lambert.  "Well you didn't come to see your mother because you know she's on duty at the motel," says Hugh.  Sandy says he also happens to know that Vicky is in London.
Slyvia McClusky stops to talk to Meg at the reception desk.  Meg says she understands that George took David to a gambling club.  "Well he proposed David," Slyvia tells her.  Meg says she is worried about David, he doesn't seem to be interested in his work anymore.  She asks Slyvia if she could ask George to have a word with David, but Slyvia says George wouldn't so it.  "But I will, if it will help.  After all there isn't anyone else to talk to him is there?  David hasn't got many people," says Slyvia.  "No, and at the moment he doesn't have me.  He should have, but he hasn't," says Meg.

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