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Sandy has coffee with David and tells him that he didn't mean what he said the night before about not wanting to be involved.  "I am involved," says Sandy.  Sandy reminds David that he has an appointment with the bank manager today.  David says he might be late because he will be staying in Birmingham afterwards.
Jim Baines confides in Sharon Metcalfe that he doesn't seem to be able to talk to his wife Muriel anymore.
Sandy goes to the cottage hoping to see Vicky Lambert but finds Hugh Mortimer.  Vicky arrives later from shopping.
Meg phones from the sitting room and asks Jane Smith, who is on reception desk duty, if she knows where Sandy or David are.  Jane tells her that they have both gone out.  Stan Harvey, who is at the reception desk, tells Jane to tell Meg that she might find Sandy at the cottage.  "I heard he was getting friendly with Hugh Mortimer's secretary," Stan tells Jane.
At the cottage, Hugh Mortimer leaves Sandy and Vicky alone.  Sandy asks Vicky why she didn't tell him that she was working for Hugh and living at the cottage.  Vicky again accuses Sandy of breaking up her parents marriage.  "Oh I see.  We're back to that again.  You think I busted up your parents marriage and now you're trying to bust up my mother's marriage," shouts Sandy.  "Sandy that's ...." shouts Vicky.  The phone rings and Vicky picks it up.  She passes the phone to Sandy and leaves the room.  Jane Smith asks Sandy if he knows where Mr Hunter is and Sandy shouts that he doesn't know.
At the casino David Hunter sits with three other players around the blackjack table. 
Jane Smith visits Muriel Baines and asks her if her two children would like to come to the Queen's Jubilee party at the motel.  Muriel asks Jane if anything is happening with Jim at the motel, because he has been so quiet lately.  Muriel tells Jane that she feels such a mess and thinks that Jim has gone off her.  Jane tells her that she must do something about it.
Stan Harvey meets George McClusky at the motel bar and tells him that he would like to go into partnership with him.
David finds Sandy in the office and apologises for being late.  Sandy says Meg was looking for him.  David tells him that he went to the casino and did very well.  "I was walking back to my car and I passed a jewellers shop so I bought one of those fancy digital watches," says David.  Sandy says he had to cover for him again.  "If Meg asks where I've been you can tell her the truth.  It doesn't really matter, does it," says David. 
Muriel Baines dresses herself smartly, puts some make up and perfume on and Jane Smith does her hair.
Jim Baines goes to the garage office to take Sharon Metcalfe for a drink, but Sharon tells him that she can't leave until Stan gets back.
In the motel bar, George McClusky and Stan discuss the terms of their partnership.  George tries to fix up dinner for him and Slyvia, Stan and Jill but Stan tells him that he would like to talk things over with Jill first.  David comes through into reception at that moment and George asks him how his luck is going.  "Oh ok," says David.  "That's right.  Don't let them grind you down," says George. 
Vera Downend tells David that he had an appointment to have his hair cut at six o'clock.  David apologises for missing the appointment and says he was visiting friends in Birmingham and got held up.
Meg arrives back to the cottage and tells Hugh that she isn't very keen on having someone with them every minute of the day.  She suddenly realises that she has forgotten to leave the keys to the motel safe at the motel, and tells Hugh that she will have to drive back to the motel.  "Make sure you're back in time to eat Vicky's meal.  She took a lot of trouble over it," Hugh tells her.  "I'll be back to eat Vicky's meal, and enjoy every fork full.  Twice over if it pleases you," says Meg, sarcastically and leaves. 
Jim Baines tells Sharon that he feels he can talk to her about anything.  Stan Harvey arrives back at the garage and tells Jim that he would like to talk to him.  "Look you can go and have your drink and come back after if you want," says Stan.  "Don't tell me what to do," says Jim.  Sharon tells Jim to forget about the drink, and leaves.  Stan tells Jim that he is going into partnership with George McClusky.

1977 Episodes continued

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