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Hugh tells Meg that they must have a nice meal for Vicky Lambert's first night staying at the cottage.  Meg asks how long Vicky will be staying and Hugh tells her only until the book is finished. 
Gerry Hurst goes to Vera's boat and he gives Benny the address of his foreman.
Vicky Lambert arrives at Hugh and Meg's cottage and gives Meg some flowers.  "How did you know I liked yellow roses?" asks Meg.  "I consulted Mr Hunter," Vicky tells her.
Jill tells Stan that Slyvia McClusky came to see her this afternoon.  She asks Stan if he has made a decision about George McClusky's offer.
Hugh Mortimer asks Vicky Lambert what she thought of Sandy's book.  "That's a secret between me and Sandy," says Vicky.  "A secret between you two eh," says Hugh.  "We two?  Isn't that rather a cosy description of two people who hardly know each other," says Vicky.  
David Hunter joins Sandy in the sitting room and tells him that he has been using Carney as a sounding board when he comes in late from the gambling club.  He tells Sandy that he thinks of gambling as a harmless enough pastime.  Sandy suggests that he uses him as a sounding board.  "I'm curious.  I've never known a gambler," says Sandy.  "I'm not a gambler," says David.  "Alright.  I've never known someone who is fascinated by gambling," says Sandy. 
Jill Harvey finds Vicky Lambert alone at the cottage.  They talk and during the concersation Vicky realises that she is Sandy's sister.  "Something tells me you don't like Sandy a lot," says Jill.  "Wrong.  I don't like him at all," says Vicky.
Gerry Hurst and Benny go to Vera's boat and tells Vera and Glenda that Benny has got a job.
Stan Harvey asks Sandy's advice on George McClusky's offer.  Sandy asks him what will happen to his partnership with Jim Baines.
Sandy and David discuss the plans for the Queen's Silver Jubilee children's party to be held at the motel.  Sandy asks David to have some dinner with him but David tells him that he is going into the casino in Birmingham to follow up a hunch.
Gerry Hurst asks Benny to come to the pub with him after work and Benny suggests they invite Vera and Glenda.
Meg asks Sandy where David is and Sandy tells her that he has gone into Birmingham on business, but doesn't mention that David is at the casino.
Jill goes to the sitting room to see Meg and tells her that she saw Vicky Lambert at the cottage the other day.  She says she heard that Vicky doesn't like Sandy, and asks Meg about it.  "That's Sandy's business," says Meg.  "Oh come on.  Surely you don't mind discussing it," says Jill.  "That's enough Jill," says Meg, raising her voice.
Benny and Gerry arrive at the boat and find Glenda alone.  They ask her to come to the pub but Glenda says she has to get Vera's meal ready for her for when she comes back from work.  Gerry tells Benny to go ahead and he'll wait with Glenda.
Jill tells Sandy that Vicky Lambert is helping Hugh Mortimer write his book.  Later, Sandy asks Meg why she didn't tell him that Vicky was staying at the cottage and helping Hugh with his book.
On Vera's boat, Glenda washes her hair and Gerry Hurst rubs it dry.  He tries to kiss her but Glenda pushes him away.  She slaps him across the face.  Gerry says she is like the rest of them, leading him on.
David arrives back at the office and pours himself a drink.  Sandy asks him if his hunch paid off and David says no, he lost.  "David.  Next time you go don't tell me because I had to lie to mum," Sandy tells him.  "I don't take orders," says David.  "David.  I'm not ordering you to do anything.  Just don't involve me, that's all," says Sandy.
Vera Downend finds Glenda alone, in darkness on the boat and asks her what happened.  Glenda explains what happened and Vera says Gerry Hurst has only one thing on his mind.  "You're better off rid of him," says Vera.  "You don't understand.  I don't want to be rid of him.  I like him," says Glenda.

1977 Episodes continued

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