1977 Episodes ... continued

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Later when David comes into the office, Sandy tells him that Meg knows about him gambling.
Carney goes to see Vera on her boat and tells her that Benny hasn't returned to his cottage.  Vera tells him that Glenda Brownlow persuaded him to go back to Heywood Farm.  At that moment Benny arrives and tells Vera and Carney that he went to the farm but Ed Lawton was out with Mrs Burrell.  He tells them that Ed Lawton has taken on a man to do his work.  Carney tells Benny that he is sure that if he goes to speak to Ed Lawton he will take him back but Benny says that he is never going back.
Vicky Lambert gives a waitress a note to give to Sandy after she has left.  There is a phone call at reception and David Hunter answers the call.  "Yes, she's here," he says, and tells Vicky Lambert that the call is for her.  Vicky takes the phone from David.  "Oh Mr Mortimer.  Yes.  Your book.  Yes, well you do need help there.  No wonder you're anxious to offer me work.  Live where?  Are you serious?  Yes, of course I know how to do research.  Yes, I'll save your book for you," says Vicky.
Benny asks Vera to help him get a job at the motel.  Vera says she will ask but she can't promise anything. 
Vicky Lambert tells Sandy that  she has got a job in the area and that she is leaving the motel.  Sandy tells her that it isn't easy to find somewhere to live in Birmingham, and asks her to stay on at the motel at his expense. 
Vera asks Sandy if there is any work at the motel for Benny but Sandy says there isn't.  "He should go and work on the land.  He'd be happier," says Sandy. 
Jane Smith tells Sharon Metcalfe that there is talk in the staff room about her and Jim Baines.  When Jim Baines asks Sharon to have a drink with him after work, she asks him if they can go to a pub in the village instead of the motel.
Gerry Hurst comes to the motel and has a drink in the bar.  He spots Vera Downend and asks her to have a drink with him but Vera tells him that she needs to speak to Benny.
Vera tells Benny that there aren't any jobs for him at the motel.
Glenda Brownlow see's Gerry Hurst in the bar and goes over to chat with him.  Gerry asks her about Benny and Glenda tells him that Benny is looking for a job.  "I would have thought a hefty bloke like him could find a job anywhere," says Gerry.
Vicky Lambert goes to see Meg in the sitting room and asks her to tell Hugh Mortimer that she has tried to find a flat but hasn't.  "He said you'd be very glad to have me move into the cottage, and I wanted to accept your kind offer, if it's alright," says Vicky.
George McClusky tells Slyvia that if it hadn't been for Jill Stan would have accepted his offer to buy into the second hand car business straight away.  He says Jill doesn't like him, and Slyvia says she will talk to Jill and try to get her to change her mind. 
Glenda Brownlow tells Vera that Gerry Hurst heard that Benny was looking for work and said he might be able to get him work at his firm.
Slyvia McClusky goes to see Jill and asks her if she and Stan have discussed George and Stan going into partnership.  Jill says they don't really know George very well and Slyvia assures her that George McClusky is a good businessman. 

1977 Episodes continued

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