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Jim Baines services George McClusky's car and finds his wallet behind the seat, complete with all the money. 
Howard Coates traps Jane Smith in the sitting room and says she betrayed him, and he can't trust anyone ever again.  He walks towards her in a threatening way and Jane backs away.  Howard hits the tray out of Jane's hands then puts his hands around her neck.  She screams, and Howard backs away.    
Meg asks Hugh how his book on business is going and Hugh says not very well.  Meg tells him that he should ask Sandy to help him as he worked as a journalist. 
Jim Baines gives Stan the wallet and says George McClusky is so careless that he wouldn't have noticed if the money didn't turn up.  Stan accuses Jim of wanting to keep the wallet if he could have but Jim says he wouldn't have done that.
Howard Coates calms down and tells Jane that he wouldn't have hurt her.  Jane says she knows that. 
Stan Harvey returns the wallet to Goerge McClusky and tells him that Jim Baines found it.  Jim Baines comes into  reception and George offers him some money, but Jim refuses it.
George and Slyvia McClusky tell Jane Smith that they are going to stay at the motel.  George McClusky asks Jane if he is correct in saying that Stan Harvey is married to Mrs Mortimer's daughter, and Jane says he is.  "What are you up to?" asks Slyvia McClusky.  "Just following a hunch," says George.  "You might be wrong," says Slyvia.  "Not this time.  All the pointers are right," says George. 
Doctor Butterworth tells Jane and Meg that Howard Coates is suffering from schizophrenia, and is being transferred to hospital so that he can be helped. 
Bill Warren tries to get some sleep at his and Avis's flat but the landlady, Mrs Addy, starts playing loud music. 
Hugh Mortimer asks Sandy what he thinks of Vicky Lambert because she was flirting with him and she seems lonely.
Howard Coates says goodbye to Jane Smith and thanks her for being so patient.  He gives her the antique watch which he offered her when he first arrived.  Jane accepts the gift. 
Vicky Lambert goes to see Sandy and he asks her how long she will be staying.  He offers her a drink and she suggests they have dinner. 
Avis returns to her flat and finds it empty.  She finds a note from Bill telling her that he isn't coming back.
Vicky Lambert tells Sandy that she is Betty Lambert's daughter.  Sandy remembers meeting Betty Lambert when she was a guest at the motel, and tells Vicky that him and her mother talked about a lot of different things.  "And you bought her one drink, then another, and another, then told her what to do with her life.  It wasn't Hunter, it was you," says Vicky.  As a result of Sandy's advice, Betty Lambert left her husband, and  Vicky Lambert now blames Sandy for causing the break up of her parents marriage. 
Bill Warren returns home and he and Avis decide to  leave the motel.
David and Hugh discuss the blossoming friendship between Sandy and Vicky Lambert.  "I've got a surprising feeling he likes her," says David.  "Why so surprising.  You seem to like her too," says Hugh.  "Almost as much as you do Hugh," says David. 
David Hunter sits alone in his flat looking at photos of Rosemary and Chris and also photos of Kelly.  David tells Sandy that he wants some excitement.  He asks Carney what he does to take his mind off things and Carney says he has the occasional drink.  David says if you drink whilst you're with a crowd of people then you feel great, but if you drink alone then you only get depressed.
Benny and Ed Lawton have a row and Benny runs away from the farm.  He goes to stay with Carney.
Vicky Lambert has a drink with David in the sitting room and she tells him that Sandy won't let her pay her bill.  She says she can pay David without Sandy knowing, but David says he couldn't do that.  "Whose side are you on?" asks Vicky.  "I'm on your side, and I'm on Sandy's side.  And the more I'm on Sandy's side, the more I'm on your side.  So if I let you down I'll let Sandy down.  So if I help you I'll have to tell Sandy what I've done," says David.  "I should never have let you have that drink," says Vicky. 

1977 Episodes continued

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