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Meg tells Sandy that she is worried about Jane Smith.  Sandy says something is wrong and it all began when Howard Coates arrived.
Meg talks to David at reception and asks him how his dinner engagement with Bill and Avis went.  David says he enjoyed it a lot and started reminiscing about him and Rosemary.  "Which was a mistake," he says.
Sandy asks Jane into the office and tells her they are worried about her.  He asks what is bothering her but Jane says it's a personal matter.  Sandy advises her to go and see her doctor because he might be able to help.  "Yes Sandy.  I will go and see the doctor," says Jane. 
Meg gives David a letter marked personal.  "I forgot to give it to you.  I don't imagine it's anything im...por...tant..." says Meg, then stops as she watches David's face as he becomes absorbed in the contents of the letter.  "David.  It's not bad news is it?" asks Meg, concerned.  David tells her that it's a letter from Rosemary reminding him to go to Switzerland.  He says he will phone her and tell her it's not possible.  "Why not?" asks Meg.  She assures David that her and Sandy can manage.  "You haven't seen Chris for almost two years," she says. 
Stan asks Sharon Metcalfe if Jim Baines is bothering her but Sharon says she can handle it.
Meg, David and Sandy are in the sitting room and Meg asks Sandy to tell David that they can manage without him whilst he goes on holiday.  David says he doesn't really want to go.  He pours himself a drink and hands one to Sandy and Meg.  He stands by the door whilst Sandy and Meg try and persuade him to go on holiday.  There is a knock on the door.  "Come in," says David.  The door opens and knocks David who jumps forward, spilling his drink.  Meg laughs.
Jim Baines asks Sharon Metcalfe to have a drink with him after work but Sharon reminds him that he has to work overtime.  "I could come back.  Say 8.15 at the bar.  And don't be late.  I don't like to be kept waiting," says Sharon.
Later that evening Jim meets Sharon in reception and Jim asks her what she wants to drink.  Sharon asks for the same as Jim, a pint of beer, but Jim says he can't order a pint of beer for her because they will think he doesn't know how to treat a lady.  Jim orders a drink for Sharon and two pints of beer.  Jim jokes with Bill Warren and says they were having him on about the beers.  "I bet you've never seen a lady drink a pint," says Jim.  Sharon picks up the pint and is about to drink it but Jim snatches it from her and downs it. 
Jane Smith, on duty at the motel, see's Doctor Butterworth at the bar and asks him if she can have a word with him.  Doctor Butterworth walks towards Jane and at the same time Meg Mortimer comes into earshot.  "Is there something wrong Jane?" Meg asks.  "No, Mrs Mortimer.  No," says Jane and walks away.
The following day Jane manages to catch Doctor Butterworth alone.  She tells him that she knows a man who committed a crime and the doctor tells her that she must go to the police.  Jane says she isn't sure there was actually a crime at all.  Doctor Butterworth guesses that she is talking about Howard Coates and urges her to tell him more.  "But I can't say anymore.  I've already betrayed him," says Jane.  "Why did he come to you?" asks Doctor Butterworth.      
George and Slyvia McClusky book into the motel.  George McClusky is about to pay and then realises he has lost his wallet.  He tells Sylvia that there was 850 pounds in his wallet.
Doctor Butterworth finds David in the office and says he would like to talk to him about Jane Smith.  He tells David that Jane is very upset about something and won't go to her doctor.  He says David knows her well and he would like to make a diagnosis with his help.  David tells the doctor that he has a plane to catch and the Doctor says he won't hold him up.
Vicky Lambert arrives at the motel and aks Jane Smith if she can see the manager.  Jane tells her that David Hunter is away on holiday and won't be back until April 14th. "I wanted to see him straight away," says Vicky Lambert.  Jane asks her if Mrs Mortimer could help.  "No it's between Hunter and me," says Vicky.  Vicky Lambert checks into the motel.
George McClusky asks Stan Harvey to check his car.  He tells Stan that he lost his wallet and could he keep an eye open for it when he checks his car over.
Jane Smith tells Vicky Lambert that Sandy Richardson is the assistant manager and he might be able to help her.  Vicky tells Jane that she will see Sandy.  Later that evening Vicky Lambert goes to the office to see Sandy and is surprised to see that he is in a wheelchair.  "It couldn't have been you.  You're too young.  It must have been Hunter," says Vicky Lambert.  She asks Sandy how old David is and Sandy tells her he is in his mid-40s.  Sandy tells Vicky Lambert that David will be back earlier than expected and Vicky says she will stay until he returns.

1977 Episodes continued

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