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Meg tells Sandy that she saw Vicky Lambert in the cafeteria and she was reading his book.  Sandy says he is fed up with everyone trying to push him and Vicky together.  Meg tells him that the fact that she was reading his book is still very flattering.
David Hunter finds Sandy in the sitting room.  "You're looking very cheerful," remarks Sandy.  David tells him that he went to a gambling club in Birmingham the previous night, and he won.  "You don't look like a gambling man to me," says Sandy.  "It's all part of my new image," says David.
Glenda Brownlow returns to the motel to visit Jane Smith, and tells her that she has left school properly.  Glenda says Vera Downend has told her that she can stay on her boat and she is going to see Mrs Mortimer about a job.
George McClusky see's David in the office, and David tells him that he would like to become a member of the gamblig club.  George says he will have to pay a fee and he will introduce him.
Glenda Brownlow goes to see Meg Mortimer in the sitting room and Meg offers her a job as a waitress, starting the next day.
David tells Sandy that he knows Meg doesn't approve of gambling but he enjoyed his evening at the gambling club and will be going again.  "With the McClusky's?" asks Sandy.  "Of course," answers David.  Sandy looks at David with concern.
Glenda Brownlow makes her way to Vera's boat but on the way she drops her bag.  Two men, working nearby, laugh.  One of the men then picks up her bag and hands it back to Glenda.  Glenda thanks him and invites him onto the boat for a cup of tea.  The man introduces himself as Gerry Hurst.
George McClusky tells David that he asked Stan Harvey if he wanted to join the gambling club but her said no.  "Is he ambitious?" asks George.  "It depends what you have in mind for him," answers David.  "Who said I had anything in mind," says George.  "So you're just asking questions as a matter of interest?" asks David.  "Wait and see," says George.
Vicky Lambert returns Sandy's book to him and tells him that Hugh Mortimer lent it to her.  She tells Sandy that she didn't like the book.
Benny goes to Vera's boat and meets Glenda Brownlow.  Benny tells Vera that Carney told him he could stay with him as long as he wanted to, but Vera tells him he will have to go back to Heywood Farm one day. 
Sandy, Meg and Stan are in the office and Sandy opens a letter.  He realises it is addressed to David.  Sandy quickly puts the letter back into the envelope but not before Stan has noticed Sandy's worried expression.  After Meg leaves the office Stan asks Sandy what the letter was about.  Sandy tells him it was from a gambling club which David is thinking of joining.  "The letter was headed 'Application for cheque cashing facility', which means he's going to make a habit of it," says Sandy.  "Well it is up to David.  It's his business, or pleasure," says Stan.  "Yes but when I saw the credit note I never realised David had that kind of money to play around with," says Sandy.
Vicky Lambert tells Sandy that she is going to see her father in Stratford and when she returns she would like her bill.
George McClusky tells David that he is putting some money on the horses, and asks David if he would like to put some money on as well, but David declines.
Sandy tells David that he opened a letter addressed to him by mistake.  David says if it was confidential then he knows he can trust Sandy.
Jane Smith tells Sharon Metcalfe that she was talking to Muriel Baines and Muriel was asking about Sharon.  "I didn't know Mrs Baines knew about me," says Sharon.  "Oh yes, she knows," Jane tells her.  "Well, what did you tell her?" asks Sharon.  "Well as a matter of fact I steered clear," says Jane.  "There was no need to do that," says Sharon.  "Wasn't there?" asks Jane.
David prepares to go out to the gambling club and Meg asks him where he is going.  "A club," answers David.  "Oh a night club?" asks Meg.  "Er, yes," says David.  "I'm glad to see you getting out more," Meg tells him.
Meg see's Sandy in the sitting room.  She tells him that she just saw David and he is going out to a night club.  She says David seems so nervous lately, and she is a bit worried about him.  Sandy says it's just a phase David is going through. 

1977 Episodes continued

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