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David Hunter wanders into reception and has a drink at the bar with Bill Warren.  Bill tells him that he dreams of him and Avis running a small hotel one day.  David talks about the hotel he and Rosemary ran in Bermuda, and says he'll bore Bill to death one day and tell him all about it.  Bill says he would like to hear about it and asks David to come to dinner at he and Avis's flat next Thursday.  David says he doesn't like to commit himself yet as he doesn't know if he is doing anyhting next Thursday.  Avis joins them and overhears Bill inviting David to dinner.  David goes to the reception desk to talk to Sandy.  Avis grabs Bill's arm.  "Have you gone mad?" she says and asks him why he has invited David to dinner.  "Don't worry, he hasn't accepted yet," says Bill.
David talks to Sandy at reception.  "You're being very sociable all of a sudden," says Sandy.  "Are you calling me a snob?" asks David.  "Well I wouldn't describe you as the life and soul of the staff room," says Sandy.  "As a matter of fact I have just been invited to dinner with Bill and Avis," says David.  "Have you accepted?" asks Sandy.  "Mind your own business," says David.  As Bill and Avis are leaving David stops them.  "You know that invitation on Thursday.  I'd be glad to accept.  Thank you very much," David tells Avis and Bill.
Later, Howard Coates goes into reception and asks Meg if David Hunter is available as he wondered if he would like to go to a concert on Thursday.  Meg tells him that David is in town.  Meg tells Sandy that Howard Coates was asking for David to know if he wanted to go to a concert on Thursday.  "I'm afraid the answer will be no.  David has been invited to dinner by Avis and Bill," Sandy tells her.  "What!" asks Meg.
Avis looks at her small flat in despair and tells Bill that David Hunter is not used to this sort of place.  Bill says Mr Hunter will have to take them as he finds them.
Howard Coates asks David to the concert but David says he has a previous engagement.
Jim Baines asks Sharon Metcalfe to have a drink with him after work, but she declines.  
Jane Smith goes to Howard Coates chalet and tells him that he can see a doctor who will help him.  She pleads with him not to ask her to help him anymore.  "I'm more worried about it than you are," she says.  "You'll get used to it," says Howard Coates, and pushes Jane onto the bed.  A short time later Archie Gibbs finds Jane crying outside the motel and takes her into the motel.
David comes into the office dressed smartly for his dinner engagement with Bill and Avis, and carrying a bunch of flowers.  "Oh thank you David.  It's very kind of you," says Meg, taking the flowers from him.  "They aren't for you," laughs David and grabs the flowers back.  David explains that they are for Avis.  "Oh yes Sandy told me you were going to dinner with them," says Meg.  David says he is looking forward to it very much but Meg guesses he isn't.  "Well, oh I suppose Bill wishes he hadn't asked me, and I wish I'd never said yes," admits David.  David leaves.  "Enjoy yourself," calls Meg.
David walks into reception with the flowers.  "My we are blooming out tonight," says Sandy from the reception desk.  Sandy tells him to have a nice time.
Jim Baines asks Sharon Metcalfe to have a drink with him but again she says no.  Later, Stan tells Jim that Sharon is good at her job and if she leaves because of Jim then he will be in trouble.
At Avis and Bill's flat dinner has finished and Bill, Avis and David are having coffee.  David congratulates them on the flat.  "It has atmosphere," he says.  "More coffee Mr Hunter?" asks Bill, puffing a a large cigar.  "No thank you," says David.  He congratulates Avis on a very nice meanl.  "I told her that you enjoyed good plain home cooking, didn't I Avis?" says Bill.  "More coffee Mr Hunter?" asks Bill for a second time.  "Bill.  Mr Hunter said he didn't want any," says Avis.  Avis begins to clear up the dinner dishes.  "You can help me Bill," she says.  Bill gathers up some dishes and follows Avis into a small kitchen which is partitioned off from the main room by a makeshift screen. 
Avis tells Bill to stop trying so hard.  "Relax like Mr Hunter," she tells Bill.  They hear a knock on the screen and David's head appears over the top of the screen.  "Can I come in?" he asks.  David pulls the screen aside, takes his jacket off and begins to roll up his shirt sleeves.  Avis looks at him in surprise.  "It'll be quicker if I help," says David.  "Oh no, we wouldn't want you to Mr Hunter," says Avis.  "One can wash, one can dry and the other put away," says David as he turns on the water and begins filling the sink with water.  Avis offers him some rubber gloves.  "No thank you.  You're talking to an expert washer-upper," says David.   

1977 Episodes continued

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