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Meg tries to persuade Hugh to take up a pastime and suggests writing a book on business.  Later, Hugh says he has decided to take Meg up on her idea of writing a book, and he is going to the reference library to look up the subject. 
Stan talks to Jim Baines about the candidates for garage secretary, and Stan says he has Miss Pemberton in mind. 
Bill and Avis arrive at the motel ready for work and David asks them to look after the reception desk while he goes to the kitchen.  "We'll make sure it doesn't run away," says Bill, but David glares at him.  "You know, the trouble with that man is he's got no sense of humour," says Bill.  Avis tells Bill that she knows there is something going on with Sergeant Martin and Archie Gibbs.  Bill says it was a little misunderstanding and it's all cleared up now. 
Stan Harvey interviews Sharon Metcalfe for the garage secretary's job.  Afterwards Stan and Jim discuss the applicants and Jim says he wants Sharon Metcalfe, whilst Stan says it's between Sharon Metcalfe and Miss Pemberton.  Stan telephones the employment agency and tells them that he has decided on a secretary.  "Miss Pemberton," he says, and Jim Baines glares at him.  "Oh well, Miss Metcalfe then," says Stan.  "You can't win them all Stanley," says Jim, grinning.
Diane Parker prepares to go to America to visit her son, Nicky.
Doctor Butterworth, having examined Howard Coates again, talks to Meg and David what they know about him.  David says he is friends with Howard Coates because of their shared interest in music. 
As Doctor Butterworth leaves the Motel Jane Smith, on reception duty, asks him how Howard Coates is.  The Doctor says there is nothing seriously wrong, and he asks Jane if she knows Mr Coates' first name.  "Howard," answers Jane.  "Then why have I got Philip written down in my book?" wonders the Doctor.
Stan asks Jim Baines to show Sharon Metcalfe around the garage. 
Howard Coates follows Jane Smith into the sitting room and asks her if she can spare time to talk.  They arrange to meet at the motel later that evening, and Howard Coates asks Jane to wear her Salvation Army uniform. 
That evening Jane Smith comes to reception in her uniform and says hello to Carney, who is on night duty at reception.  Howard Coates arrives and he and Jane sit in reception.  Howard says he is going to tell her the truth but she is not to tell anyone.  He tells her that the boy in the photo is his brother and he is dead.  "You don't know why I led.  Well I'm going to tell you.  I killed him.  I murdered him, the year that photo was taken, when he was fourteen," says Howard.  Jane says she doesn't believe him but Howard assures her that it's true.      
Howard Coates tells Jane that he and his brother were twins and they were very close.  Jane asks him how it happened and Howard tells her that they were swimming and he pushed his brother under.
Meg tells David that Hugh is writing a book on business and he wondered if he could borrow David's dictating machine.
A Professor Angrave arrives at the motel and books a chalet. When Meg asks him how long he will be staying Professor Angrave tells her that he will only need the chalet for a few hours.  He says ten women will be arriving and each one is to be given morning tea at his expense.
David is joined in the sitting room by Hugh.  David tells him that he envies him starting a new venture.
Jane Smith takes breakfast to Howard Coates in his chalet.  She tells him that he can't keep everything bottled up.  "I told you because I trusted you.  I still trust you.  You wouldn't betray me, would you?" asks Howard. 
David tells Meg that he envies Hugh starting a new venture, and this surprises Meg.  David says he has felt restless ever since Rosemary went back to Switzerland, and it's a very unsatisfactory feeling.  Meg assures him that everyone goes through it.  "Coming Meg?" calls Hugh, coming into the sitting room.  "See you tomorrow," says Meg as she leaves.  The door closes.  "Yes, see you tomorrow," says David out aloud.   

1977 Episodes continued

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