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Carney finds some car keys and hands them to Sandy.  Sandy tells him to take them to Stan in the garage office.
Mrs Walton tells Jim Baines that she is going to try and persuade Frank to give up work because he worries himself over the slightest thing.  Jim says he can't see Frank giving up work.
Jane Smith tells Avis about her talk with Howard Coates.  She mentions his brother.  "Philip," says Avis.  "I don't know what his name is but I know that he died last year," says Jane.  Avis tells her that Howard Coates was talking to her and Sandy earlier and he acted as if his brother was still alive.  Jane says it must be another brother but Avis says it was the one in the photo in Howard Coates chalet. 
Benny and Diane go to Clover Hawkins house.  Diane sends Benny on an errand to Mrs Meacham's shop.  Josie Welch tells Diane that Ginger Parsons has lost his job and his wife has thrown him out.  Diane tells Josie that they know she has been drawing money from social security.  "What's wrong with that?" asks Josie.  "I'm sure they would like to know about you being employed for the last month," says Diane.
David tells Sandy that they have had a letter from the Inner Wheel and they have booked the motel for their next function for 350 people.  Sandy tells David not to tell Meg how many people are coming otherwise she won't go to London to see Hugh.
Police Sergeant Martin comes to the motel and asks to speak to Meg Mortimer.  David says she isn't available at the moment and asks if he can help.  "We have reason to believe that this motel has been selling liquor after hours," says the policeman.  
Josie Welch begins to cry and tells Diane that she lost the chance of a good man in Benny.  She tells Diane that she had an abortion.  Benny overhears her.  "You had baby killed.  Little baby who done nothing to you," he says. 
David and Sandy talk to Sergeant Martin in the office.  The policeman asks how many barmen they have and David says one, Bill Warren, but sometimes one of the waitresses serve behind the bar.  Sergeant Martin asks to speak to Bill Warren but David tells him that he won't be on duty until later that day.  Sergeant Martin tells David and Sandy that they found a customer of theirs drunk in the car park with a half bottle of scotch which was bought from the motel.
Diane tells Josie that it is unfair of her to stay at Clover Hawkin's house because that means Benny can't sell the house.  
Sandy asks Sergeant Martin about the two men searching the car park.  The sergeant says they are searching for some keys to the car in which they found the man with the scotch.  He says they believe he threw the keys out of the car window so the police  would think he had no intention of driving whilst drunk.  Sandy recalls the keys Carney found but does not mention them to the policeman.
David and Sandy asks Carney if he saw Bill Warren selling a bottle of scotch after hours.  Carney says Bill was hanging around the bar talking to Archie Gibbs but he can't say for sure whether Bill sold Archie a bottle of scotch. 
Benny and Diane return to Heywood Farm and Diane tells Ed that Benny is upset because he hears Josie say she had an abortion.  Ed tells Benny that it was probably for the best because the baby wouldn't have had much of a life with Josie as a mother, and no father.  Benny says that baby had a right to live.
Jane tells Carney about Howard Coates telling her that his brother was dead and then talking to Avis and Sandy as if he was still alive.  "I think there's something wrong with him," says Jane.  "In the head you mean?" asks Carney.  "Well it was such a pointless lie," says Jane. 
Mrs Walton goes to see Stan and tells her that Frank Walton would like to give in his notice.  Stan says there is no need for Frank to give up work completely, and suggest that he helps out part time.  Stan tells her that he will give Frank back half the money he paid for the Volvo.  Mrs Walton says she heard that he was looking for somewhere to put his second-hand cars, and says Frank knows someone who has some spare land.

1977 Episodes continued

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