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Frank Walton's wife goes to see Stan Harvey at home, and Stan asks her what Frank has done with the Volvo.  She tells him that Frank was going to leave the Volvo outside Peter Plumber's house but just as he was getting out of the car headlights came on.  "Plumber?" asks Stan.  "No, the police.  They took him down to the police station and he's been there ever since helping them with their enquiries," says Mrs Walton. 
The next day Stan tells Jim Baines about Frank Walton.  At that moment Mrs Walton arrives and tells Stan and Jim that Frank is back home but he isn't well.  She says the police told Frank that they have enough on Peter Plumber to put him in prison for a long time. 
Stan tells Jim that he should have gone straight to the police as soon as he found out the car was stolen.  He warns Jim that if he ever does anything like that again then he is out.  "Is that clear?" asks Stan.
Meg remarks to Jane Smith and Avis that Howard Coates is a pleasant man, but Jane says she doesn't care for him much. 
Jim Baines tells Stan that there is a policeman to see him.  "What can I do for you?" asks Stan as Jim shows him into the garage office. 
Benny receives a phone call from Clover Hawkins and she tells him that she wants to move into the caravan straight away.  Ed Lawton tells Benny that it's impossible if Josie Welch and Ginger Parsons are still in Clover's house.  Benny tells Ed that it's all Mrs Burrell's fault and storms out.
Stan Harvey explains to the policeman about Peter Plumber selling him the second hand Volvo.  He says Frank Walton was anxious to clinch the deal so he paid 1,600 for the car.  "Is that the usual way you conduct your business?" asks the policeman.  "No, but I paid Mr Walton back the 1,600," says Stan and shows the policeman the cheque he gave Walton and which Walton tore up.  "What are you trying to hide?" asks the policeman.  "Nothing.  Mr Walton tore it up because he didn't want to get me involved," explains Stan.  "That's very noble of him," says the policeman.  "Yes I thought so.  That's the sort of man he is," says Stan.  
Howard Coates asks Meg if she could give Jane Smith a small gift from him.  He says that he has been a bit nasty towards her recently and it's a peace offering.  "I'm sure there's no need to offer a peace offering to Jane.  She's a very peaceful girl," says Meg.  "I know that now," says Howard.
Benny tells Diane that Joise Welch is on social security.  Diane says no one is allowed to draw social security if they are earning.
Jane Smith goes to see Howard Coates in his chalet and returns his gift, telling him she can't accept it.  Howard opens the gift and reveals an expensive antique watch.  Jane says he was very rude to her and presents won't help.  Howard Coates throws the watch on the floor and storms out of the chalet.  Jane picks up the watch.  Avis comes into the chalet and asks Jane what happened.  Jane tells her that Howard Coates wanted to give her this watch but when she said she couldn't accept it he threw it on the floor and broke it.  Avis takes the watch from Jane and looks at it.  She says it looks expensive. 
David asks Sandy if he has managed to persuade Meg to go and join Hugh in London.  Sandy says he tried to get Meg to go for two weeks but only managed to persuade her to stay for a week.
Avis tells Sandy and David that she saw two men searching the motel grounds.
Howard Coates returns to his chalet and finds Jane Smith making his bed.  He apologises to her about his behaviour earlier.  Jane picks up a photo of a blond haired boy which is on the tables next to the bed.  She asks Howard if it is a picture of him, and Howard says it's his brother.  "He was fourteen," he says.  "Was?" asks Jane.  "He died last year.  It was an accident," says Howard.  "I'm sorry," Jane says.  "He was a lot like me.  Even played the violin," says Howard.
Shortly after, Howard Coates goes into the motel reception and exchanges a few words with Sandy and Avis, who are at the reception desk.  Avis asks him about the photo of the blond boy in his chalet, and Howard tells her it's his brother.  "How old is he?" asks Avis.  "Fourteen.  He's a keen violinist," Howard Coates tells her.  Avis asks if there is a chance that they might play in the same orchestra one day, and Howard says that would be nice.  "What's his name?" asks Avis.  "Philip," answers Howard.    

1977 Episodes continued

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