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Ed Lawton tells Benny that he knows someone who used to be a policeman before he retired and suggests that they consult him about the situation with Josie Welch and Ginger Parsons.
Stan returns from seeing Frank Walton's friend and tells Jill that he has got a lease on a building plot where he can store his second hand cars. 
David Hunter asks Avis where her husband is.  "You mean Bill?" asks Avis.  "Yes, that was the husband I meant," says David.  Avis tells him it's Bill's half day and he is at home.  "Well tell him I'd like to see him in half an hour earlier tomorrow and he's to come to my office," says David.  "He isn't in any trouble is her?" asks Avis.  "Good morning Avis," says David and walks away. 
Ed and Benny return from seeing Ed's ex-policeman friend.  Ed tells Diane that they wil have to go to court and get an eviction order against Josie and Ginger.  Ed warns Benny not to use violence otherwise he will get into trouble. 
Archie Gibbs and Bill Warren have a drink at Bill and Avis's flat and they discuss the tricky situation they are in.  Bill says he broke the licensing laws and he has got the motel involved.  He tells Archie that he will have to tell the police that he bought the scotch from somewhere else.  "Don't you understand.  It's not only my job that's at stake, but the motel's reputation," says Bill.  "If I say it was a slip of the tongue then your motel will be out of trouble but what about me?" asks Archie.  Bill says if Avis finds out that he is in trouble with the police she will kill him. 
Avis arrives home at that moment and asks Archie what he is doing here.  "Just came in for a cup of tea," says Archie.  Avis looks at the tins of beer on the table.  "Tea?" she asks.  "Yes.  We couldn't find any tea so we had to make do with pale ale," says Bill.  Archie leaves and Avis demands an explanation.  "What were the two of you arguing about when I came in?" she asks.  Bill makes up some story about Archie teaching him how to tickle trout.  Avis tells Bill that Mr Hunter wants to see him tomorrow morning.  "Does he?" asks Bill.  "He was asking if Archie Gibbs was a friend of yours.  What does he want Bill?" asks Avis.  "Well you see I was asking Mr Gibbs to teach me how to tickle trout because I can show Mr Hunter.  Because it's Mr Hunter who wants to know how to tickle trout," says Bill.  Avis says she got the impression it was something serious.
The following morning Avis reminds Bill about his appointment with Mr Hunter.  Bill's hand begins to shake violently, and he tells Avis that he thinks he's coming down with the flu.  Avis tells him to stay in bed and she'll get the doctor, but Bill says he'll be alright.  He asks Avis to ask Archie Gibbs to come and see him.
David aks Sandy when the application for an extension for the bar license comes through and Sandy tells him in about three weeks.  David says if the police find them guilty of selling alcohol after hours then it will mean they won't be able to host the Inner Wheel function.
Avis tells Sandy that Bill won't be in because he is ill.
Stan tells Jim that there is a chance of a partnership with a top second hand car dealer.
Howard Coates gives David Hunter a cassette recording of his orchestra playing.  Sandy asks David if he finds anything strange about Howard Coates but David says no.  Sandy says Jane thinks there is something strange about Howard Coates so there must be something to it.

1977 Episodes continued

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