1977 Episodes ... continued

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Howard Coates asks Jane Smith if she could spare the time to talk to him but Jane suggests that he should talk to Major Sullivan.  Howard Coates says he would like to talk to another human being so Jane agrees to see him at six o'clock.
Jim Baines asks Frank Walton if he can see the documents for the second hand Volvo which he bought from Peter Plumber.  Frank fetches them and Jim looks at them.  He says it's obvious they are forged.  Jim asks Frank Walton to get in contact with Peter Plumber but Frank says he has already tried but all he gets is the answer machine.  "This is the bit I've been dreading.  What am I going to do?" asks Frank.  Jim says the only thing to do is get rid of the Volvo as soon as possible. 
Meg asks Bill Warren to keep an eye on the reception desk while she goes to the office.  Avis catches Bill smoking a cigar behind the bar and tells him to put it out before he gets told off.  David Hunter comes into reception and see's that there is no one on duty at the desk, so he takes over on reception.  Meg arrives back in reception and tells David that she asked Bill Warren to look after the desk for a few moments.  "Well he's not here is he," says David.  "He's at the bar," says Meg.  "Where?" asks David.  "Well right over there," says Meg, walking over to the bar with David following her.  Bill Warren is nowhere to be seen.  Meg and David talk to Carney at the bar.  "I can smell smoke," says Carney.  Both David and Meg begin to sniff and David looks over to the bar.  "It's coming from behind the bar," he says and rushes over to the bar which is belching smoke.  Bill Warren arrives in reception.  "Is this your cigar?" asks David, holding half a cigar in his fingers.  Bill Warren admits to smoking behind the bar and receives a final warning from David Hunter.   
Jane Smith goes to Howard Coates chalet and finds him in a very sarcastic mood.  He says she expects to know everything all at once but she isn't going to get it.  Jane says that all she has got so far is self-pity.  "Why don't you go away," says Howard Coates.
Archie Gibbs comes to the motel and asks Bill Warren to give him a bottle of scotch in return for some pheasants.  Bill tells him that the bar is closed and he will get into trouble if he is caught giving him alcohol after time.  However, he does give Archie Gibbs a bottle of scotch.
Stan Harvey goes to see Cliff Leyton to ask him if he has any space that he could use to store second hand cars.  On his return Stan tells Jim that Cliff Leyton has some space they can use.  He tells Jim that Peter Plumber owes Cliff Leyton some money but Plumber's business has gone bankrupt.  Jim Baines tells Stan that the car Peter Plumber sold to frank Walton was stolen.  "That's all I need," says Stan.  He tells Jim to ask Frank Walton to come into the garage office but Jim says he phoned Walton and he wasn't there.  "No one's seen him since yesterday," says Jim. 
Benny receives a letter from Josie Welch containing a list of things needed at Clover Hawkins house. 
Jim Baines tells Stan that he told Frank Walton to get rid of the Volvo but Stan says they will have to go to the police.
Benny and Ed Lawton go to Clover Hawkins house and Ginger Parsons opens the door to them.  They ask to go in but Ginger refuses.  benny is just about to hit Ginger but Ed stops him.  "I've heard about you.  You've been in trouble before," Ginger tells Benny.  He warns Benny that if he hits him he will go to the police, and closes the door.  Ed Lawton puts an envelope through the letter box telling Josie Welch that she is sacked.  Ginger Parsons opens the envelope, tears up the letter and pockets the money.
Archie Gibbs goes to see Bill Warren at the motel bar.  He tells him that he was waiting for the rain to stop last night and started drinkng the bottle of scotch he gave him.  "Before I knew it I'd drunk half the bottle.  And the police caught me and, well, I had to tell them where I'd got the bottle from," says Archie.  "Oh no.  I sold you that bottle after the bar had closed," says Bill.

1977 Episodes continued

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