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David suggests to Meg that she goes to London to spend some time with Hugh and Meg says it would give her an excuse to get out of giving the speech to the Inner Wheel, which she isn't looking forward to.  David says Sandy said she had a good speech and that she was looking forward to it.  "He said you weren't at all nervous," says David.  "I'm not.  I'm terrified.  But don't tell him," says Meg. 
Benny arrives back at Heywood Farm and tells Diane that Ginger Parsons was at Clover Hawkins' house with Josie.  Diane asks him what Ginger is like.  "Big.  But not oo big," says Benny.  "Too big for what?" asks Diane.  "To hit.  'Cause if I go over there and find him there again I'll...." says Benny and smashes his fist down on the table. 
Jane Smith tells David Hunter that Mrs Hackett in chalet 11 has complained about Howard Coates playing his violin until late in the evening.  David tells Jane that he will deal with it.  David asks Howard Coates to come to reception and explains that they have had a complaint from Mrs Hackett in chalet 11 about him playing his violin too late.  Howard Coates apologises and tells David that the only time he can find time to practice is in the evening.  David tells him that Mrs Hackett goes to visit her grandchildren during the day and suggests that he tries to practice in the daytime instead.  He says he will ask whoever is on reception duty to let him know when Mrs Hackett is out.  "That's very thoughtful of you Mr Hunter.  Thank you very much," says Howard Coates.
Stan tells Jim Baines that David and Meg turned down his idea about using the old airfield to put their second hand cars. 
Diane tells Ed Lawton and Benny that Josie Welch isn't a sitting tenant as she is an employee of theirs, so all they have to do is sack her.  Benny visits Josie at Clover Hawkin's house and tells her that she can stay at the house.  "I thought that had already been settled," says Josie.  "Yes, but we'll have to start paying you wages again," says Benny.  "What?" asks Josie.  "My gran's discharging herself from Bishopscroft" explains Benny.
Jim Baines tells Stan that something is worrying Frank Walton and he would like to know what it is.
Jane Smith comes into the motel reception area wearing her Salvation Army uniform and Howard Coates stares at her.  As she turns to leave Howard Coates rushes uo to her and says he would like to talk to her.  "Well I'm sorry but I'm already late.  I haven't time," says Jane.  "I want to be saved," says Howard Coates.  Jane Smith thinks he is joking but Howard assures her that he isn't.  "You salvationists come round persuading people to give up the demon drink and when I come up to you with a problem you run away from me," he shouts.
The following morning Howard Coates orders coffee from Jane Smith.  He asks if Mr Hunter is available but Jane tells him that Mr Hunter is out.  She offers to fetch Sandy but Howard Coates says he thought Mr Hunter would be the type of person who might have a particular book on music which he would like to borrow.
Meg returns from making her speech to the Inner Wheel and tells Sandy that she was a sensation.  She says she managed to persuade the Inner Wheel to hold their next meeting at the motel and they will be booking the dining room and the conference room.
Jim Baines asks Frank Walton if he is alright because it's obvious that something is worrying him.  Jim asks him if he would like to talk about it and Frank Walton is about to open up to Jim when they are interupted by Jill Harvey.

1977 Episodes continued

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