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David receives a phone call from his son Chris and he hands the phone to Rosemary.  Later, David drives Rosemary to the airport.
Benny asks Mrs Burrell about Josie Welch staying at Clover Hawkins' house for a while, and Mrs Burrell says it wouldn't cause any problems.
Frank Walton discovers an error with the paper work Peter Plumber gave him when he sold him the second hand Volvo, but when he tries to phone Peter Plumber he gets the answer phone.  Stan Harvey asks him if there is anything wrong and Walton says it's his stomach playing up.
*** End of Episode 2689 ***
Stan tells Jill that he hasn't got anywhere to store any second hand cars he buys, but then he remembers the old air-field behind the motel.  
Ed Lawton tells Diane that Benny wants to let Josie Welch stay on at Clover Hawkin's house for a while longer.  They warn Benny that Josie will find some excuse to stay longer.  "She's a sitting tenant and she doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to," says Diane.  "But she promised she'd keep her word," says Benny.  "But she won't.  She'll make it impossible for you.  You mark my words.  She made your life a misery before and she'll do it again," warns Diane.
*** End of Episode 2690 ***
David thanks Sandy for suggesting to Meg that she make him an equal partner, but Sandy tells him that it was Rosemary's idea. 
Meg tells David and Sandy that Mrs Philpot from the Inner Wheel, has asked her to speak at a meeting next Wednesday.  Meg reads out some notes for a speech but Sandy says it has got to be serious because most of the women's husbands are local businessmen.  Meg tears up the notes of her speech. 
Frank Walton's wife goes to see Stan Harvey and tells him that Frank won't be into work because he isn't well. 
Meg asks David to to listen to her speech which she has re-written.  After listening for a few mintues David raises his hand and says if she carries on like that everyone will fall alseep  He advises her to put some jokes in.  Meg tears up the paper with her speech on.
Josie Welch's boyfriend, Ginger Parsons, visits Josie at Clover Hawkin's house.
Stan asks Meg and David about using the old air-field at the back of the motel to store second hand cars, but David says it wouldn't be very good for the motel's image.  Meg agrees and says the guests don't want to be looking at broken-down cars.  "I'm sorry Stan but you'll have to find somewhere else," says David.  "Well you tell me where otherwise I'm sunk," says Stan. 
Mrs Meacham, who runs the shop near Clover Hawkins house, telephones Diane and tells her that Josie Welch is living with her boyfriend in Clover Hawkin's house.  Diane tells Ed Lawton about this and Benny overhears them talking. 
Howard Coates books into the motel and tells Meg that he plays the violin professionally.  Meg notices that he has signed the motel register as Philip Howard Coates.  Howard Coates explains that  Howard is his middle name.
Benny goes to Clover Hawkin's house but Josie see's him coming and tells Ginger Parsons to go upstairs until Benny has gone.  Benny asks Josie about the car parked outside the house and Josie tells him it belongs to the electrician who has come to mend the fuses.  She calls to Ginger Parsons who comes downstairs.  "I was just telling Mr Hawkins about the fuses," she says.  "Oh yes, the fuses," says Ginger Parsons.   

1977 Episodes continued

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