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Doris Luke tells Ed Lawton that the man who is supposed to be helping on the farm whilst Benny is away can't come into work today. 
David Hunter telephones Ed Lawton and says he was wondering how he was managing without Benny.  Ed tells him that they are managing fine.  "We can expect you today then," says David.  "Today?" asks Ed Lawton.  "With the order I gave you," says David.  "Oh yes.  The van's already loaded," Ed Lawton tells him.  After Ed has put the phone down he looks at Doris Luke.  "The van's already loaded.  You're not a very good liar are you.  You're beginning to realise how much Benny did.  Letting him go like that was the biggest mistake of your life,"
says Doris.
*** End of Episode 2995 ***
Episodes 2996 to 2999 August 1978
See Archive Dvd Volume 10
P.C. Steve Cater searches Clifford Howes chalet and then hands Diane back the pass key. 
Robert Matthews joins Meg and David in the sitting room.  Meg leaves the room and Robert Matthews tells David that when he opens the new leisure centre he will need someone to take care of the catering side, and he was thinking of the Crossroads motel.  David tells him that Meg wouldn't agree to it but Robert Matthews says he is sure David could persuade her.
Arthur Kepple arrives at the motel and tells Diane Parker that he has come to see Mrs Mortimer about the chef's job.  Mr Simpson, another applicant for the chef's job, arrives at the motel shortly after.
Clifford Howes asks Diane Parker for his bill.  "Do you have to leave?" asks Diane.  "I think it would be better under the circumstances," says Clifford Howes. 
David Hunter tells Meg that Robert Matthews has offered the motel the franchise for the catering at the new leisure centre, and David says he thinks it's worth thinking about.  Meg tells David that she is not going to do business with Robert Matthews.
Meg interviews Arthur Kepple for the chef's job and is very impressed with his references. 
David tells Robert Matthews that they won't accept his offer for the catering at the leisure centre, and Robert Matthews tells David that he thinks he is letting Mrs Mortimer's personal resentment affect his better judgement.
*** End of Episode 2996 ***
Arthur Kepple looks around the motel kitchen's with Tish Hope and says it's reasonably clean and well equipped but it isn't the sort of thing he is looking for.
Tom Read fits Benny out with a new suit. 
Mr Simpson is interviewed for the chef's job by Meg and he tells Meg that he doesn't think he will be suited for the job because the last hotel he worked at only catered for a small number of people.  Tish Hope comes into the room and Meg tells her that Mr Simpson doesn't feel he could cope, but Tish tells Mr Simpson that she is sure he could cope perfectly well and the job is his.  Meg tells Tish that Mr Simpson doesn't want the job.  Mr Simpson leaves, very confused.  "Now what was all that about?" Meg asks Tish.  Tish tells her that Mr Kepple turned down the job as well and Mrs Rawlings is leaving.  "You're going to be back in that kitchen yourself," Tish tells Meg.
Meg receives a phone call from the estate agent and she tells David that there has been a pre-auction bid on the cottage so it looks as if Robert Matthews has a competitor.
Ed Lawton goes into the farm kitchen following a hard day at the farm.  Doris Luke tells him that he can't go on without Benny.  He tells Ed to phone Tom Read and ask to have Benny back.  "It's too late.  He's gone and he's not coming back," says Ed Lawton.
*** End of Episode 2997 ***
Tom Read searches through some files for some important papers and shouts at Benny for not putting them in the proper place.  Benny says he doesn't like working in an office and would rather work outdoors.  Tom Read tells him that his place is in this office.
Meg receives another phone call from the estate agent and tells Lloyd Munro and Robert Matthews that they have had a higher bid from an anonymous bidder.
Tom Read tells Benny that he will have to learn to type.  Benny throws the papers in his hand on the floor angrily.  Tom Read tells him to pick them up.  "Pick them up yourself," says Benny.  Benny says he doesn't want to know about files and papers, but wants to work at the farm.  "I'm not interested in money, and if this is what making money is like then you can keep it!" shouts Benny and storms out.
Meg receives news that the cottage has been sold but not to Robert Matthews. 
Doris Luke tells Ed Lawton that he should admit he was wrong and go and get Benny back.  There is a knock at the door and Ed Lawton answers it to find Benny standing outside.  "I've had enough.  Can I come home?" asks Benny.
Robert Matthews joins Meg and Lloyd Munro in the sitting room and Meg tells Robert Matthews that she is surprised that he let himself be outbid for the cottage.  Robert Matthews tells her that he pulled out.  Meg orders champagne for them and Robert Matthews holds up his glass.  "To the fool who paid twice as much as the cottage is worth," he says.  "To the new owner," says Lloyd Munro. 
When Meg and Lloyd Munro are alone Meg says she would like to know who the new owner of the cottage is.  She tells Lloyd that she will phone the estate agent.  "No you don't have to do that," says Lloyd.  "Oh well.  I suppose you had better know.  Meet the new owner," he adds.
*** End of Episode 2998 ***
Meg asks Lloyd why he bought the cottage and Lloyd says he has been making plans to retire and now he can.

1978 Episodes continued

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