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Benny receives another letter from his gran, Clover Hawkins.  He tells Diane that there must be something wrong.  Diane asks him if there is anyone near his gran that they could phone to find out more information.
Stephanie Colby receives a letter from Anthony Mortimer enclosing an airline ticket for one to America.  In his letter Anthony tells her that he would like her to join him in New York for Christmas.  Stephanie goes into the sitting room where she finds Meg.  She tells her about the letter.  Meg takes yet another phone call and deals with it as quickly as possible.  Stephanie walks up to Meg and puts a supportive hand on her shoulder.  "Are you alright?" she asks.  "I think I'm snapping," says Meg.  Stephanie goes to the sitting room door and opens it.  David Hunter walks in and puts a finger to his lips to silence her.  "You know, I don't think I can cope anymore," continues Meg with her back to the door.  "Move over.  That's my job," says David.
Benny telephones the woman who owns the corner shop close to where his gran lives.  Mrs Meacham tells him that Clover Hawkins hasn't been to her shop for five days.  Ed Lawton allows Benny time off to go and see his gran.
Meg gives David a drink and asks him why he came back.  "Did Sandy suggest I couldn't cope?" she asks.  "Do you think I would remain co-director to a woman who couldn't cope?" asks David.
Jim Baines asks Stan about the man he has appointed as garage foreman.  Stan says he works in the garage.  "Don't tell me you've changed your mind about Walton," says Jim.  "No," answers Stan.  "Norman Finn.  No couldn't be Nobby..." says Jim.  "Look, you must keep this to yourself.  It's you," says Stan.  Jim Baines stares at him.  "Now don't tell me you're going to turn it down now I've offered it to you," says Stan.  "You're joking, aren't you," says Jim.
Meg tells Sandy that she is still a bit nervous talking to David.  They discuss the situation between David, Hugh and Anthony, and Sandy advises that it's probably better to let sleeping dogs lie or "Let lying dogs sleep," as Sandy puts it.
Benny visits his gran and finds her lying on the settee in the dark.
David finds Meg in the office and they get onto the subject of Hugh.  "That's a sensitive subject because he's your husband.  You weren't to blame, you were just an innocent bystander.  Let's let sleeping dogs lie," suggests David.  Meg starts laughing.  "That amuses you," says David, a little puzzled.  "Sandy thought you might phrase it, let lying dogs sleep," says Meg and they both laugh.  David asks when Hugh will be coming back to the motel and Meg says soon, but without Anthony.  "And he won't be going anywhere near your desk.  I'll make sure of that," says Meg.
Benny clears up the his grans living room.  Clover Hawkins tells him that she fell down the stairs and hurt her back.  Benny tells her that he is going to call the doctor, but Clover Hawkins insists that she isn't going in a home.
Celia Warren comes to the motel reception and meets Tish Hope.  "Oh I don't think I've had the pleasure," says Celia looking at David.  David introduces himself and Celia gives him her umbrella to put in a safe place to dry.  David puts it under the reception desk.  "Oh how kind," says Celia giving David an approving look.  She asks Tish for some coffee.  "For one?" asks Tish.  "No, for two.  Will you join me?" Celia asks David.  David says he can't because he has a lot of work to do, and leaves reception.  "Such an interesting personality.  What's his name?" Celia asks Tish.  "Mr Hunter," answers Tish.  "No, his first name?" asks Celia.  "Well it's David actually," says Tish.  "David Hunter.  Um, that has an interesting ring to it.  Married I suppose?" asks Celia Warren.  "Well no actually.  He was though," says Tish.  "That's another thing we have in common," says Celia.  "Shall I get your coffee?  For one," asks Tish.  "Yes, for the moment," says Celia.    

1976 Episodes continued

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