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Bill and Avis thank all their guests for coming.  Avis asks Bill who the woman in reception is.  "It's my mother," says Bill.  Bill introduces Avis to Celia Warren.
Diane Parker arrives at the motel and tells Vera that she wants to speak to David Hunter but Vera tells her that rumour has it that David is in Guernsey.  Vera tells Diane about Clive Merrow, and asks Diane if she would come and stay with her for a few days.
Avis and Bill Warren return to their flat after seeing Celia Warren off at the station.  "It's time for bed," says Bill and Avis disappears to get the screens to put between her and Bill.  "Avis!" says Bill, taking the screens from her.  "We got married today remember.  No more screens," he says.
At Heywood Farm, Diane asks Ed Lawton if it would be alright if she went to stay with Vera for a few days.
Jill tells Stan that she should have a car of her own because she is just as busy as he is, and Meg backs her up.
Benny receives a letter from his gran Clover Hawkins and Diane reads it out to him.  In it Clover asks Benny to come and visit her.  "If you don't come it'll be too late," Diane reads.
Celia Warren arrives at the motel and Bill is surprised to see her.  Celia tells him that she has decided she would like to get to know her daughter-in-law better.
Jill see's Jim Baines in the garage and asks him if he thinks she should have a car.  Jim says yes and tells her that she should get a car then tell Stan afterwards.
Sandy reminds Meg that the Annual General Meeting is scheduled for next week and they can't hold it without David.  Meg tells Sandy that he looks tired and she phones Doctor Farnham.
Benny tells Ed Lawton that he had a letter from Clover Hawkins and would like to go and see her.  Ed says he can manage a few days without Diane but not without Benny.
Jim Baines telephones a friend and asks him to keep an eye open for a good little car for Jill.  A little while later, Walton asks Jim where Jill is and Jim tells him that she wasn't feeling very well so he took her home.  "Oh an old trick.  Getting in well with the boss's wife," says Walton.  Jim takes him by the scruff of the neck.  "That isn't it at all Walton.  I'm warning you.  You might start something but you won't finish it," says Jim.
Meg orders Sandy to go to bed.  Later, Sandy comes into the sitting room and asks Stephanie Colby to leave as he wants to make a phone call. 
Jane Smith asks Jeff Gilbert for his forwarding address before he leaves.  She asks him if he enjoyed his night out with Stephanie and Jeff looks rather embarrassed at being found out.
Sandy telephones David Hunter in Guernsey.  "Hello.  Is that you Sandy?  David here," says David.  "If I did put a person to person call I expected it to be you," says Sandy, curtly.  He asks David about the Annual General Meeting and David says Meg agreed to pospone it.  Sandy tells him that it isn't convenient to pospone it.  "How's your uncle?" asks Sandy.  "Fine," answers David.  "If that really is your reason for staying on in Guernsey," snaps Sandy.  David tells Sandy that he doesn't sound well.  Sandy says he made the mistake of having a checkup with the doctor and now he is confined to bed.  "David.  You said you'd come back to the motel as soon as Anthony left.  Well, he's gone, so why don't you keep your end of the bargain and come back to help the person who is doing your work, hers and mine now.  Before she has a breakdown," says Sandy and puts the phone down.
Tish Hope asks Clive Merrow if he likes staying on Vera's boat.  She asks him if Vera is a friend of the family.
Bill Warren arrives home and finds his mother there.  She tells him that he is lucky to have such a unique wife.  After she leaves, Avis tells Bill that she knows why he didn't tell his mother he was getting married.  "You're ashamed of me," says Avis.  "Oh Avis darling," says Bill.  "And don't call me darling," shouts Avis and leaves. 

1976 Episodes continued

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