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Benny tells Clover Hawkins that the doctor said there is nothing wrong with her.
David catches Stephanie Colby making some typing errors and tells her that she needs a holiday.  Jane Smith comes into the office and tells David that Mr Booth would like to see him in the kitchen.  David leaves.  Jane asks Stephanie what she is going to do about the airline ticket from Anthony.  Stephanie says she can't leave the motel in the lurch over Christmas.  Jane says maybe it's a good time to ask David about it whilst he is in a good mood, but Stephanie reminds her that Anthony Mortimer was the reason David left so he might think Anthony is interfering.
Jane tells Sandy about Anthony's invitation to Stephanie and Sandy is surprised that Stephanie didn't mention it.  A short time later, Sandy tells David that Stephanie has been invited to spend Christmas with Anthony in New York. 
Benny tells Clover Hawkins that he should be getting back to Heywood Farm.  She asks him to fetch her walking stick.  "No one's getting me in a home, no one," she says.
David tells Meg about Stephanie Colby's invitation and Meg says she didn't know anything about it. 
Bill Warren tells Avis that if Celia asks her to do anything for her she is to say no.
Jane Smith asks Stephanie if she has asked David Hunter about Christmas and Stephaine shows her a letter she has written to Anthony, turning down his invitation and returning the airline ticket.
In the motel garage Stan Harvey tells Mr Walton that Jim Baines is the new garage foreman.  When they are alone Walton tells Stan that choosing Jim Baines as foreman is a risk, but Stan says the responsibility might change Jim's attitude.
Jane Smith tells David and Meg that Stephaine Colby is writing to Anthony and returning the airline ticket.  "She thought it wouldn't be fair to you," she says.  "I've got some dictation to do.  Will you excuse me," says David and goes into the office.
Bill tells Celia that Avis is not going to do anymore errands for her.
In the office David waits whilst Stephanie Colby types a letter.  He stands beside her and she hands him the finished letter.  David takes the letter.  "Pen," he asks.  Stephanie hands him a pen and he signs the letter.  David points to a letter sitting on Stephanie's desk.  "This letter?" he asks.  "Private," says Stephanie.  David picks it up.  "It's to Anthony Mortimer, who has no involvement with this motel, or so I've been told," says David.  He begins to open the letter.  "Oh did you say I could read it," says David.  "No!" says Stephanie but David continued to open it.  "An airline ticket," says David.  He then tears the accompanying letter up and drops it into the rubbish bin.  "Mr Hunter what are you doing!" says Stephanie.  "Now dictate another letter to Anthony Mortimer," says David.  "I can write my own letter, thank you," says Stephanie.  "Now Miss Colby.  I can be a very nasty boss when I've a mind.  Open your pad," he says as Stephanie opens her notepad.  "Dear Anthony.  Thank you for your invitation which I know you know I will accept," says David and Stephanie beams at him.  "I've got that Mr Hunter," she says happily.  David walks away.  "I never looked at the ticket.  Was it one way or return?" he asks.  
Celia Warren asks Avis to run another errand for her.  She tells Avis about the girl Bill was in love with.  "I just thought I ought to tell you.  Be prepared.  Julie's only just got to lift her little finger and he'll be gone just like that," says Celia.  Avis tells Bill that his mother told her about Julie.  "Julie who?  Oh that Julie," says Bill. 
Celia Warren finds her way, uninvited, into the office where she finds Meg working.  "Ar, Mrs Mortimer," she says, sitting down.  "Sit down.  Actually guests aren't allowed in this part of the motel.  It's a private wing," says Meg.  "I was looking for dear David," says celia.  "Well dear David is out for the evening," says Meg.

1976 Episodes continued

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