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Jeff Gilbert goes into the sitting room and finds Stephanie Colby in tears.  "Go on have a good cry.  It's Anthony isn't it?" he asks, sitting beside her.  "No.  I've just shut my finger in the drawer," sobs Stephanie.  Jeff patches her finger up and tells her about his job as a teacher.
Constance Merrow leaves the motel without Clive. 
Mr Walton goes to the garage to see Stan and tells him that he was thinking over his offer of a job at the garage, and he would like to give it a try.
Bill Warren goes to the office and tells Stephanie that Sandy wants to see her in the cafeteria.  She leaves the office and Bill dials a phone number using the office phone.  "Celia.  Don't ring me again and don't ... no, you can't come here.  Just leave me alone.  We've nothing to say to each other.  It's all over.  I've left home," he says and slams the receiver down.
Jeff Gilbert asks Jane Smith to have dinner with him on their night off but Jane tells him that she can't as she promised to have dinner with Major Sullivan and his wife.  She asks him if he would like to come along and he accepts.
Meg tells Stephanie that Sandy can't go to Avis and Bill's wedding because he has to go to hospital for his regular checkup, and she ca't go either because she has too much work to do.
Jim Baines goes to Bill and Avis's flat to help Bill into his suit for his wedding.  Jane Smith, who is bridesmaid, helps Avis with her dress.
Jeff Gilbert gets everything ready for the wedding reception in the motel dining room.  He asks Stephanie Colby to go to the pictures and Stephanie accepts but says she can only go on Sunday evening.  Jeff realises thet he is supposed to be going to dinner with Jane and the Sullivan's on Sunday.  He arranges to pick Stephanie up at 6.30 on Sunday. 
Bill and Avis arrive at the motel following their wedding and settle down for the reception in the motel dining room with their guests.
Jeff tells Jane that he had forgotten that he had already made arrangements to take a friend out on Sunday so he won't be able to come with her to dinner with Major Sullivan and his wife. 
At the wedding reception Jim Baines reads out the telegrams.
Jane tells Stephanie that she won't be able to come to her flat on Sunday as she is going out to dinner with the Sullivan's.  Stephanie tells her not to worry because she is going out with Jeff Gilbert.
Tish Hope comes into the dining room and whispers something in Meg's ear.  Meg goes over to where Bill Warren is sitting and speaks quietly to him.  "Bill, sorry to interupt but Tish has told me something which might be important," says Meg.  "There's a lady in reception and she wants to speak to you," says Tish.  "Well, who is it?" asks Bill.  "She says she's Mrs Bill Warren," says Meg.  "Oh Bill, it's your auntie Maud.  She must have come down from Lemington Spar," says Avis.  "No Avis, it's not my aunt.  Look, there's something I've been meaning to tell you," says Bill.

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