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Bill Warren tells Carney that he hasn't got anywhere to stay and Carney offers him his spare room.  Bill thanks him but says he has got somewhere in mind.
Stan tells Mr Ellis that if he doesn't agree to Walton working at the garage then he won't take the manager's job.
Bill turns up at Avis's flat and tells her that he hasn't found anywhere to stay.  He says he will have to book into the motel but Avis says he can't afford it.  "There's only one thing to do," says Avis.  "Yes," asks Bill, hopefully.  "The Salvation Army hostel," says Avis.  "Actually I was hoping you'd suggest I stayed here," says Bill.  "Bill, you should be ashamed of yourself," says Avis.  At that moment Stephanie Colby comes in and tells them that she has fixed it with the landlady Mrs Addy that Bill can have the spare room upstairs.  Bill says he doesn't want to cause any trouble but he thinks it would be better if Stephanie takes the room upstairs as she is moving anyway.  
Stan tells Jill, Sandy and Meg that he isn't going to accept the job as garage manager until Mr Walton comes back to work at the garage.  Jill accuses him of putting Walton before his wife and child.  She says she doesn't matter to him any more and leaves in tears.  Back at home Stan tells Jill that Walton taught him all he knows so he owe's him. 
Constance Merrow tells Stephanie Colby that her and Clive will be leaving the motel the following day.  Clive tells Constance that he is going to see Vera before they leave.
Stan tells Jim Baines about him not taking the manager's job unless Walton comes back to the garage, and Jim tells him he is being stupid.  Mr Ellis comes into the garage office and tells Stan that he spoke to the board and Walton can't come back as garage foreman, but only as a mechanic. 
Clive Merrow goes to Vera's boat and she lets him in.  They hear a loud bang nearby, a reminder that it is Guy Fawkes night.  "It's okay.  Some little yobbo's thrown a banger.  It'll burn itself out," says Clive.  "On the deck?  The bhutane cylinder," says Vera, anxiously.  "Stay here," orders Clive and rushes out onto the deck of the boat.  He returns shortly after and assures Vera that there is nothing to worry about.
Jeff Gilbert returns from his interview and tells Jane that he thinks he got the job.
Clive Merrow tells Constance that he would like to stay on a little longer, but Constance insists that they are leaving.  "I'm not going with you," says Clive.
Bill and Avis get ready for bed and Avis puts up a screen between her and Bill. 
Clive Merrow tells Vera that he doesn't like his rooms at university and asks her if he could move into the spare cabin on her boat.  Vera says it would upset Constance.
Meg receives a letter from David and tells Sandy that she is puzzled over it.  She hands it to Sandy who reads from it.  "The motel is looking more and more like a family business, and I'm not family.  My uncle and aunt are elderly and I am seriously thinking of staying in Guernsey and running their hotel," reads Sandy.  "This is the bit I like...'After all, the Guernsey hotel is a family business too,'" he reads.  "It looks as though I'm going to have to start looking for a new co-director," says Meg.
Vera tells Constance Merrow that Clive asked her if he could stay on the boat and asks her opinion.  Constance says she doesn't think it's a good idea.
Sandy is about to phone David but Meg tells him that David wants time to think and he will have it.  Stephanie asks them if David Hunter is ever coming back, and Meg snaps at her and tells her to get on with her work.
Clive Merrow see's Vera and she tells him that she was talking to Constance about him staying on her boat and she doesn't think it's a good idea.  Constance Merrow joins them and Vera leaves them alone.  Clive tells Constance that Vera has agreed to let him stay on her boat.
Mr Walton goes to see Stan in the garage office and Stan tells him that he wants him to work in the garage.  Mr Walton assumes it's as foreman but Stan tells him it will only be a mechanics job.  Walton refuses the offer.
Constance Merrow goes to see Vera and says she was afraid that Clive would begin to think of Vera as his mother.  "And you encouraged him," she says.  "How dare you ask my opinion when you had already told Clive it was alright for him to move onto your boat.  The odd thing is, I trusted you," sobs Constance.  Vera says she didn't betray that trust and she didn't tell Clive that he could move onto her boat.
Stan manages to calm Mr Walton down and tells him that he didn't mean the job offer as an insult.  He asks Mr Walton to wait and leaves to take care of some other business.  Jim Baines finds Mr Walton waiting and tells him that Stan tried to get him the job as garage foreman and stuck his neck out for him.
In the motel reception, Tish Hope takes a phone call.  "What time does Bill come on duty?" she asks Avis.  "Eight o'clock.  Why?" asks Avis.  "Yes, who's calling?" asks Tish Hope into the phone receiver.  She puts the phone down.  "Who was it?" asks Avis.  "Avis.  She said she wanted to speak to Bill Warren urgently.  She says she's Mrs Bill Warren," says Tish.  Bill Warren and Carney come into reception at that moment and Avis tells him that a Mrs Bill Warren just phoned.  Bill tells her that it's his aunt.

1976 Episodes continued

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