1976 Episodes ... continued

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Constance Merrow asks Clive what he thinks of Vera and Clive tells his mother that he was expecting someone more like her.  "I'll take that as a compliment," says Constance.  "Well I've only had one mother... so far," says Clive.
Jeff Gilbert tells Jane Smith that he was all set to become a teacher but couldn't find a job.
Jill Harvey goes to the garage to wait for Stan to finish work.  Jim Baines leaves.  "Good night gaffer," he says to Stan.  "Gaffer?" asks Jill.  Stan tells her that he's as good as got the manager's job.  Jill is delighted. 
In the motel reception Mr and Mrs Walton have a drink and Mr Walton tells his wife that he has set the wheels in motion.  He see's Mr Ellis coming out of the dining room and introduces him to his wife.  Mr Walton tells Mr Ellis that he has taken the money to pay for the franchise out of the bank but Mr Ellis tells him that the post as manager has already been taken.
Stephanie tells Anthony that she has booked a flight for him to America for the following evening, but asks him if he is still going becuase Mrs Mortimer mentioned something about him staying to do some work for his father.  Anthony confirms that he is leaving, saying that he can't stay at the motel.
Stan and Jill bump into Mr and Mrs Walton on their way out of the motel and Mr Walton talks to Stan about the garage managers job.  He explains that he had it all planned.  "And now some miserable so-and-so's gone and pipped me to the post," he says.
Anthony suggests a scheme to Hugh which he thinks will solve their problems but Hugh turns it down.  Anthony says he is turning down all his ideas so as to make him stay on and keep David away.
Stan see's Mr Walton the following day and Stan says he may as well know.  "I'm the new manager," he says.  "You!  You lied to me all the time," says Walton. 
Meg tells Anthony that Hugh wants to go on a fishing trip to Scotland by himself.  "He can't go alone, not with his heart," says Meg.
Stephanie Colby tells Anthony that Hugh has made all his travel arrangements for his trip to Scotland.  Anthony asks her to cancel his flight to America and book a flight to Scotland for him.  Stephanie asks him if he will be coming back to the motel afterwards but Anthony says he will be flying to America straight after.  "Your father can twist you around his little finger, can't he," says Stephanie.  "No, but Meg can," says Anthony. 
Jane Smith gives Jeff Gilbert a letter and he opens it.  "I don't beleive it," he says excitedly.  "What is it?" asks Jane.  "It's a letter from a school I applied to ages ago.  They want me to go for an interview," he explains. 
Stan asks Mr Ellis if, as garage manager, he can hire or fire anyone.  Ellis confirms that he can.  "Well, the first bloke I want to hire is Walton," says Stan.
Meg tells Sandy about Hugh and Anthony's fishing trip to Scotland.  Sandy asks Stephanie to put a person-to-person call through to David Hunter in Guernsey.  "Let's see if Scotland is far enough away fro David," says Sandy.  Sandy and Meg wait for the phone to ring.  "Come on phone.  Start the main bout of the evening," says Sandy.  The phone buzzes and Meg picks up the receiver.  She speaks to David and tells him that Hugh has gone to Scotland and so has Anthony.  David explains that his uncle is unwell and he doesn't want to leave him.

1976 Episodes continued

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