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Stephanie Colby shows Meg a letter addressed to David and Meg tells her she doesn't know when he will be back. 
Stan tells Jim Baines that Mr Ellis wants him to apply for the garage manager's job.  He says he would take the job but there's the franchise to pay for and he can't afford the 5000. 
Carney asks Vera if she had made up her mind about seeing her son, and Vera says she won't see him.
Stephanie Colby tells Anthony Mortimer that David Hunter has gone.  "Where?" asks Anthony.  "Guernsey I think," says Stephanie.  "Where's my father?" asks Anthony.  "In the sitting room," Stephanie tells him.  "Give me twenty minutes," says Anthony.  "To do what?" asks Stephanie.  "Talk to my father," replies Anthony and leaves to find Hugh.
Mrs Walton tells her husband that he must go after the garage manager's job.
Anthony Mortimer finds his father and tells him that he has no interest in the motel.  "Well with David Hunter out of the way Meg will need some help.  Now who's it going to be, sick old me or young fit you," says Hugh.
Carney tells Bill and Avis that he will give Avis away at their wedding.
Stan asks Sandy's advice about the garage managers job.  Sandy says Walton hasn't got a chance of the job.
Constance Merrow goes to see Vera on her boat and tells Vera that her son Clive wouldn't accept her refusal to see him.  "He's here.  We've booked chalets at the Crossroads motel," she says.  Vera agrees to see Clive at the motel the following day.
Anthony tells Meg that David Hunter won't come back to the motel whilst he is here so he will leave.
Vera tells Carney that Constance Merrow has come back and bought Clive with her.
Meg suggests to Anthony that he stays at the cottage but Anthony says that wouldn't be good enough to make David come back.  He says he was thinking of going to America.  Meg tells Hugh that Anthony is talking about going to America. 
Stan tells Mr Ellis that he would like to be considered for the job as garage manager but asks him not to tell Mr Walton or Jim Baines.
Clive Merrow waits in the motel reception and asks Stephanie Colby if Vera Downend has arrived yet.  At that moment Vera comes into the motel and Clive walks towards her.  "Hello," he says.  Vera smiles and says hello.  Clive puts out his hand and Vera puts her hand in his.  Clive says he realised it would be a little awkward and he hoped she would change her mind about seeing him.  Vera invites Clive and Constance Merrow to dinner.
Meg asks Hugh if he managed to change Anthonys mind about going to America and Hugh says no but he persuaded him to stay on and discuss their little problem.
Constance Merrow asks Clive if he met Vera and Clive tells her that he did, and that Vera has invited them both to dinner.  "But she might feel outnumbered so I think it would be better if I went on my own," says Clive.  Later, Constance Merrow see's Vera and tells her that Clive doesn't want her to come to dinner.  Vera asks her to come because she would feel a lot easier.
Jim Baines talks to Stephanie Colby in reception and she says she admires him for agreeing to be Bill Warren's best man considering what happened between them.  "That's a mark of a real man," says Stephanie.  Later, Jane Smith also tells Jim that she admires him and gives him a peck on the cheek.  Jim goes to find Bill Warren and asks him if the offer to be his best man is still open.  Bill says yes and Jim agrees to be best man.  Bill gets out his wallet and gives him 20.  "I don't want your money.  Keep it.  My wedding present to you.  Here, 5...10...15...20" says Jim counting back the money Bill gave him.

1976 Episodes continued

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