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Meg arrives back at the motel after her visit to Scotland to look after Granny Frazer.
Vera tells Jane about her son.
Anthony Mortimer brings David back his bottle of whiskey and says this is all very childish.  Hugh comes into the room and David tells him he would like a word with him alone. 
Mrs Merrow goes to see Vera on her boat and tells Vera that now that her son, Clive, is an adult he is able to decide for himself whether he wants to see his real mother.  Vera refuses to see Clive Merrow.
David and Hugh are alone in the sitting room.  "David, you're obsessed," says Hugh.  The door opens quietly and Meg comes in.  "I am not interested in obsessions," shouts David.  Hugh notices Meg and welcomes her back.  "Hello David," she says. 
David continues staring angrily at Hugh.  "Hugh what's going on?  David?" asks Meg, looking from Hugh to David.  "I've just accused your ever jocular husband of pushing your stepson into this motel business," says David, to Meg.  "Ever since you came here you've been waging a war of nerves between your son and myself.  You want me to resign so that Anthony can take over my directorship.  Now can you deny that?" asks David.  "And if I don't, what will you do.  Resign?" asks Hugh.  "Will one of you two children please get me a drink," says Meg.
Hugh pours Meg a drink.  David says he wants Meg's approval before he decides what action to take, and she says she is too tired to listen now.  "Alright will tomorrow do?" asks David.  "Morning, yes," answers Meg.  "I have some unbreakable appointments tomorrow morning.  Will 12.30 be alright?" asks David, and Meg nods. 
David leaves the room and Hugh tries to make excuses for himself.  Meg goes to the door.  "I don't think I'm going to sit and listen to your side of the story either," she says and leaves. 
Jeff Gilbert asks Jane Smith to go to the pictures with him and she accepts.
Mr Ellis talks to Stan Harvey and advises him to apply for the job as garage manager because he stands a very good chance.
The following day Hugh tells Meg that he is sorry he has upset David, and they both said things they didn't mean. 
Meg goes to the sitting room for her appointment with David.  She enters the room and finds David, staring thoughtfully out of the window.  She tells him that Hugh is sorry he upset him.  "How very considerate of him," says David.  They try to discuss the situation calmly but David gives her news she was dreading.  "Meg, I'm going away for a while and I'll leave an address, so when Anthony has gone, if he goes, then you can get in touch with me, and I'll carry on my work," says David.  He goes to the door.  "Bye Meg," he says and leaves.
*** End of Episode 2622 ***
Hugh comes into the sitting room and see's from Meg's expression that something is wrong.  Meg explains that David has gone and he won't come back until Anthony has gone.  "You've always wanted the motel to be a family business, now with David gone you can," says Hugh.
Sandy asks Meg where David is and Meg says he has gone.  Sandy says it is silly and they are all acting like children.  Meg says David is convinced that Anthony has been ear-marked to take over his job.  "I wonder if he thought I'd become manager because I'll phone him and tell him I'm not," says Sandy.
Bill Warren starts work behind the bar.  Avis suggests to Bill that he asks Jim Baines to be his best man but Bill in not keen on the idea considering Bill picked Jim out of the identity parade.
Hugh tells Meg that it was thoughtless and selfish of David to leave Meg to do all the work.  Meg glares at him.
Bill asks Carney if he would give Avis away at their wedding and Carney says he will think about it.  Bill also asks Jim Baines if he would be his best man.  "Blimey, you've got a nerve," says Jim.  Bill doesn't reply, just simply looks at Jim.  "Do you mean it?  It'll cost you," says Jim and suggests a fee of 20.  Bill says he thought they could let bygones be bygones.  Jim takes him by the scruff of the neck and tells him to get out.

1976 Episodes continued

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