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David joins Sandy in the sitting room.  "Oh I thought you'd gone," says Sandy.  "That seems to be the general wish," says David.  Sandy suggests to David that he just sits it out.  "How would you feel if you were manager and decisions were made without your consent?" asks David, but Sandy says he isn't in that position so he wouldn't know.  Sandy says he has nothing to do with the running of the motel.  "Anyway that's my mothers concern," says Sandy.  "It concerns your step-father," says David.  "I trust him" says Sandy.  "Your step-father?" asks David.  "No, Anthony," says Sandy.  David walks out without a word.
Bill Warren tells Avis that when they are married they can live in her flat but Avis says she couldn't throw Stephanie out.
Mr Walton goes to see Stan and Jill at their home and asks them what was said when they met Mr Ellis.  Stan says he won't be applying for the job as garage manager.
Stephanie Colby comes back to her flat and asks Bill and Avis where they will be living once they are married.  Bill is just about to announce that they will be living at the flat but Avis interupts him.
Carney goes to see Vera on her boat before going to the motel for his night duty.  Vera confides in him that nineteen years ago she had a son but she had him adopted and now the woman who adopted him, Mrs Merrow, has turned up.  She tells Carney that she wants to see her son but she knows it would be a mistake.
Jill asks Stan if they can go to her friends dinner party but Stan says no.  She says if he took the job as garage manager they would be able to afford to go out.  "Look, I'm not going to stab Walton in the back so you can doll yourself up," says Stan.
Hugh Mortimer goes to the sitting room looking for Anthony but finds Sandy.  Sandy asks Hugh how he see's David Hunter's future in the motel.  Hugh says as long as David's happy he see's no reason why he should leave.  "Yes but what will happen if he finds he's not happy?" asks Sandy.
Anthony see's Stephanie Colby and she tells him that she wants a serious talk.  They go into the sitting room and Anthony orders a bottle of whiskey and explains that's it from Mr Hunters private stock.  Stephanie explains to Anthony that she is in a bit of a difficult situation because she is Anthony's girlfriend and David's secretary and she doesn't know who to believe.  Anthony tells her that he has nothing against David Hunter even though David himself doesn't believe that.
Jeff Gilbert shows Carney the receipt for the bottle of whiskey which Anthony Mortimer bought, and asks what he should do with it.  Carney says he will take care of it.
Stephanie Colby returns to her flat just as Bill is leaving after seeing Avis.  She tells Avis that it's only natural that her and Bill will want to live in the flat once they are married, so she will start looking for somewhere else to live.    
David meets Jane Smith coming out of the sitting room with glasses and his bottle of whiskey.  He stops her and asks who used it and when Jane doesn't answer directly David draws his own conclusions and assumes it is Nora Bowen, who has already been caught pinching Meg's sherry.
Jane tells Carney that David Hunter is on the war-path and he wants to see Nora Bowen about drinking his whiskey.  Carney says Nora has nothing to do with it and he had better go and explain to Mr Hunter right away,
Carney finds David Hunter in the sitting room and explains that Anthony Mortimer used the whiskey and put it on his own account and not David's.  David hands him the bottle and asks Carney to put it in Anthony Mortimer's chalet.   

1976 Episodes continued

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