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A parcel arrives in reception for Jim Baines and Diane takes it to his chalet.  Jim opens the parcel and takes out a gold identity bracelet. 
Meg Mortimer arrives back at the motel and goes to the sitting room.  She sits staring at a photograph of her and Hugh.  Jane Smith comes into the sitting room and is surprised to see Meg there.  She tells Meg that Mr Hunter and Sandy have gone to the airport to meet her.  Meg explains that her plane was early so she got a taxi.
David and Sandy arrive back at the motel and Jane tells them that Mrs Mortimer arrived early.
Tom Read takes his wife Edna to Heywood Farm to meet Benny.  Edna Read tells Benny that she heard he might need someone to do the book keeping.  She says she does all her husbands book keeping and would be glad to do his.  Benny gets all the books out for her.
David and Meg have tea in the sitting room.  Meg goes to her room and asks not to be disturbed. 
Edna Read asks Tom why he is so concerned about Benny.  "Who is he Tom?" she asks.  Tom tells her that a long time ago before he met her he had a fling with one of the village girls.  "What I'm trying to say Edna is, he's my son," says Tom.  Edna Read sits down.  "Your son," she says, shocked.  Tom says that when Benny was young he didn't want to know him, he was ashamed of him.  "Benny is a good, honest boy," he says.
Diane tells Sharon that Jim Baines has bought a gold identity bracelet, and is even thinking of sending his son Michael to one of those posh boarding schools. 
Sandy and David talk about Meg, and Sandy says they must try and get Meg involved in the motel to help her forget.  Moments later, Meg joins Sandy in the sitting room but he says he will have to go because he is on reception desk duty.  He tells Meg that there is a pile of paper work still to be done and asks his mother if she would take his reception desk duty for him.  Meg agrees, rather reluctantly.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to Jim Baines's chalet and finds him talking to the headmaster of a boarding school on the phone.  Sharon tells Jim that Michael needs his parents at his age.
Meg finds it difficult to cope on reception and deals with phone calls impatiently.  Diane and Carney watch her anxiously.
Jim Baines tells Sharon that he is thinking of buying a villa in Spain, and he would need someone to look after it.  "What do you say?" he asks.  Sharon stares at him.  "Suntan all year round," says Jim.  Sharon tells him that he is dreaming but Jim tells her that he is serious, and he has to invest his money in something.  Sharon tells Jim that there are things stopping her.
Benny asks Seamus Flynn to help him load vegetables into the van for delivery to the Motel, but as Seamus gets to his feet he groans loudly and tells Benny his leg is playing up.  Doris Luke accuses Seamus Flynn of skiving work but Seamus tells her that it's draughty sleeping in a wagon especially when he knows there is an empty room upstairs.  "You wouldn't mind if I went to have a look at it," says Seamus, and runs upstairs, his leg suddenly better.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane Parker that Jim Baines is thinking of buying a property in Spain and has asked her to look after the house for him.  Diane asks her if she would give up everything to go and live in Spain.  "Let's just say I'm thinking about it," Sharon tells her. 
Pat Grogan comes into the motel reception dressed in a black suit.  He tells David Hunter that he has come about the job.  "I understand you want to join the staff permanently," says David and takes Pat to the office.
Doris Luke tells Benny that Seamus Flynn has gone to look at Ed Lawton's room and he is trying to wangle his way into staying in the room.
Pat Grogan joins Carney in the potting shed and tells Carney that it was kind of him to think of him for the job at the motel, but he doesn't really want to settle down in one place.  Jane Smith joins them and gives Pat a tie to put on for his interview with Mr Hunter.  Pat tells her that he has already seen Mr Hunter.  "Did he offer you the job?" asks Jane.  "Yes but I turned it down," Pat tells her.  Pat tells Jane that she shouldn't have spoken to Mr Hunter behind his back. 
Benny confronts Seamus Flynn and Doris Luke said he had thoughts about moving into Ed Lawton's room.  Seamus tells Benny that he has never slept in a feather bed.  "Mr Lawton's got a feather bed," says Benny.  Seamus looks at Benny.  "I don't suppose Mr Lawton would mind too much," says Benny.  "He wouldn't!" exclaims Seamus and leeps up from his seat.  "I'll get my things," He says and rushes out of the room.  "You can only stay for a while," says Benny.
David Hunter tells Jane Smith that he saw her friend Pat Grogan earlier.  "I suppose you know he turned the job down," says David, and Jane nods.  "Did he give any reason why he turned the job down?" asks Jane.  "He said he didn't want to be tied down," David tells her.  "Yes, that's what I thought," says Jane, and walks sadly away.     
Pat Grogan goes to Diane and Jane's flat and asks Diane if he could talk to Jane.  Diane tells him that Jane isn't at the flat.  She says Jane went out of her way to get a job for him and he turned it down. 
Meg joins Tish Hope in the office and Tish tells her that Hugh's solicitor has been trying to contact her.
Doctor Butterworth goes to the motel and aks Tish Hope how Meg is.  Tish tells him that they have been trying to get her involved in the motel but she can't cope. 
Jane Smith asks Pat Grogan what he meant when he told Mr Hunter that he didn't want to be tied down.  Pat tells her that he meant that he didn't want to be tied down to the same job. 
Tish Hope tells Meg that there is a lot of paper work to be done and they need her help, but Meg says she doesn't feel up to it yet.  Later, Doctor Butterworth see's Meg on reception duty and asks her to come to the surgery for a check up.

1978 Episodes continued

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