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Sharon Metcalfe asks Victor Lee if there is any chance that Jim could take over as garage manager when he leaves. 

Jim Baines returns to the motel after his publicity trip to London and Glenda Brownlow hands him a letter.  Jim opens it, watched by Sharon Metcalfe.  "Oh no.  I told him not to," he says.  Jim tells Sharon  that he sent some money to a man who wrote to him and it seems this man has told everyone. 

Jane Smith tells Diane that she has invited Pat Grogan to dinner

Sharon Metcalfe tells Jim Baines that Victor Lee is being moved to another job in Sunderland.  Jim goes to the garage office and tells Victor Lee that it was Sharon's idea that he should take over as garage manager, not his.  Victor Lee phones Dudley Scrivens and asks him if he has found a replacement for him as garage manager.  He says he would like to suggest Jim Baines for the job.  Jim asks Victor if he could speak to Dudley Scrivens and Victor hands him the phone.  "Mr Scrivens.  Jim Baines.  If you would pick up a paper on your way home tonight and turn to page three you will see something to surprise you.  And there's a little message from me to you..." and Jim blows a raspberry inot the phone.

Jane Smith forgets something for her dinner with Pat and is about to rush off to the shops when Pat Grogan arrives at the flat.  Jane tells him to sit down and talk to Diane whilst she fetches something from the shop.  Pat sits next to Diane on the settee.  "What's the big attraction eh?" asks Diane.  "You don't even consider the fact that I might be fond of the girl," says Pat.

Doris Luke goes to the village pub to fetch some beer for Benny to take to Ed Lawton.  "No wonder you didn't like to go down to the pub.  I'd hardly been in there five minutes when I heard about that girlfriend of yours.  No wonder you wanted to leave her behind.  Getting herself in the family way with another man," says Doris Luke to Benny when she returns to Haywood Farm.  Benny jumps up angrily from his chair.  "Don't you talk about Maureen like that, d'you hear!" he shouts.  "Alright," says Doris, shocked at Benny's outburst.  "But I still think..." says Doris.  "Shut up!" shouts Benny.

At the flat, Diane, Jane and Pat finish their meal and Diane leaves the flat to go to work.  Jane begins to clear the dishes but Pat asks her to sit down.  he says Diane thinks he's no good.  "She doesn't know you like I do," says Jane and kisses Pat.  "I love you, you know that don't you," she says. 

Benny apologises to Doris Luke for shouting at her.  He says he has known two girls and the one she was talking about was Josie Welch.  "Maureen was my proper girl," he says.  He picks up a bunch of flowers and tells Doris Luke that he is going to give them to Mureen.

Carney takes Jim Baines a drink in his chalet and, seeing Jim's worried expression, asks him what is wrong.  Jim tells Carney that he went to his house and vandals have smashed some of the windows.

Benny arrives back at Heywood Farm.  "Did Maureen like her flowers?" asks Doris Luke.  "What?" asks Benny.  "Your girlfriend.  Did she like her flowers?" asks Doris.  "Maureen's dead.  She was killed in an accident on our wedding day," Benny tells her.  Doris Luke drops into her chair.  "Oh dear.  I had no idea," she says.

Sandy receives a phone call from Meg in Australia and she tells him that she will be back in a couple of days.

Benny asks Tom Read if he can borrow one of his drivers to deliver vegetables to the Crossroads Motel.  Tom Read asks him who is doing his book keeping and Benny tells him that Ed Lawton usually does it but it's piling up now.  "How are you getting on with your reading and writing?" asks Tom Read.  Benny tells him that he is much better than he was.  "You keep it up lad and I might have a surprise for you," says Tom Read.  "Surprise.  What d'you mean?" asks Benny.  "Oh just a little something I've got at the back of my mind," Tom tells him.

Jane Smith tells Pat Grogan that there is a phone call for him.  Pat takes the call in reception and speaks to Seamus Flynn.  Pat tells Seamus that Benny is short staffed at Heywood Farm so there is a chance of a job for them both.

Pat Grogan goes to Jane and Diane's flat to have dinner with Jane.  Jane lets him into the flat and Pat notices that she is wearing a nice dress and there are flowers on the table.  "You shouldn't have gone to all this trouble," he says.  "I wanted to.  I love you Pat," says Jane.  "You really do, don't you.  Strange thing is, I think I love you to," says Pat and Jane falls into his arms.

The following morning Pat Grogan and Seamus Flynn go to Heywood Farm where they meet Benny and tell him that they have come to help him out on the farm.  Seamus tells Benny that he has a bad leg so he can't do much work.

Jim Baines asks Diane Parker to find him a phone number of a boarding school because he is thinking of sending his son to boarding school.

Carney gives Jane Smith a bunch of flowers to put in Mrs Mortimer's sitting room.  Sandy and David go to the airport to meet Meg.





1978 Episodes continued

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