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Sandy joins David in the office very early the following morning, and complains that he couldn't sleep.  "Me neither," says David.  Sandy tells David that Anthony Mortimer telephoned to say that he would meet Meg at the airport in Australia.  He asks how Chris is and David says he hasn't seen him since the news about Hugh.  "He just sits there brooding.  I'll never forgive him or myself for what we've done to Meg," says David.
Diane Parker makes Benny his breakfast at Heywood Farm and asks him if he has advertised for someone to look after him while Ed Lawton is in hospital.  Benny says he doesn't want anyone. Diane tells him that she can't stay on because she has her flat and job to go back to. 
Jane Smith wakes Pat Grogan from his sleep.  He tells her that he will go out and find a job and seomewhere to stay.
David Hunter tries phoning Chris's chalet but receives no reply.
A lady arrives called Doris Luke arrives at Heywood Farm in response to Diane's advertisement, and meets Benny.
Pat Grogan arrives back at Jane's flat and tells her that he hasn't found a job or anywhere to stay.  Jane says he can go to the Salvation Army hostel.  Pat asks her if Diane is coming back tonight and Jane says no, so Pat invites himself to stay at the flat that night.
Diane Parker talks to Doris Luke and explains that she wants someone to look after the house and Benny until Ed Lawton comes out of hospital.  Doris Luke asks if Benny was the man she met earlier.  She says she has heard about him.  "He's not all there is he," says Doris Luke.  Diane assures her that there is nothing much wrong with Benny, so Doris Luke says she will be glad to take the job. 
David goes to Chris Hunter's chalet and finds his son sitting dejected and unshaven on his unmade bed.  David tells him he can't go on brooding but Chris says no one would want to see him anyway.  "Two people have died because of me.  Hugh Mortimer and Pierre.  Who's next?  I only hope to god it's me," says Chris.  "That's enough!  You could spare a thought for my feelings and your mothers.  Whatever happens, you are still our son, and we care for you very much," says David.
Jim Baines comes to the motel and asks Jane Smith to book him a chalet.  He explains that he thought Muriel needed a break so he has booked her into a hotel in the south of England.
Simone Clavell phones David Hunter and asks him to warn Chris not to go back to Paris.  "I will if he contacts me.  You see I have no idea where he is at the moment," David tells her. 
David tells Sandy that Simone told him that the group have raided Chris and Simone's flat in Paris.  "Just a warning of what's to come," says David.  He says Simone wated to find out if Chris is still at the motel but he told her he wasn't.
Benny tries to phone his father Tom Read but instead speaks to Mrs Read. 
Chris Hunter comes into the office and David tells him that Simone phoned to wanr him not to go back to Paris because the group have ransacked their flat.  David tells Chris that he has made some plans for him.  "You're going to Guernsey, to my uncle's hotel.  You can have two, maybe three months to sort yourself out," David tells Chris. 
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Jim in his chalet and asks him what he is going to do about his pools win.  Jim tells her he will keep it quiet.  At that moment Glenda Brownlowe comes into the chalet with a bottle of champage that Jim has ordered, and he gives her a generous tip.  Sharon tells Jim that the staff will soon guess something is up if he goes on like that. 
Jane Smith takes Pat Grogan to the Motel and asks Tish Hope if there are any jobs for him.  Tish says that Carney is off ill and she suggests that Pat could do the gardening. 
Someone phones reception asking for Jim Baines.  Glenda Brownlow takes the call and whispers to Archie Gibbs that the man on the phone said Jim Baines had won the pools. 
Pat Grogan goes back to Jane's flat and takes it for granted that he will be staying the night, but Jane tells him that he will have to find somewhere to stay because it's not her flat.  "Diane won't approve," she says.  "But you can persuade her Jane," says Pat, and puts his hands on Jane's shoulders.  Jane says he won't get around her and he isn't staying here tonight.  "I shouldn't have let you stay here anyway without Diane's permission," says Jane.  "To hell with Diane," shouts Pat.  At that moment Diane Parker arrives at the flat.

1978 Episodes continued

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