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Arthur Brownlowe tells Sandy that he has informed the police about Glenda.

Wendy Prince goes to the salon and reminds Rex Oliver that they are going out to dinner that evening.  Vera overhears and once Wendy Prince has left, she tells Rex that Wendy knows he is running a big risk.  "What does she expect to get out of it?" she asks.

David visits Bob Powell at Woodville.  "The door was open so I came in," says David.  "And you're very welcome.  That's the reason I leave the door open.  Anyway all I'm doing is drinking too much and playing patience, which won't come up, and it's not because I'm drunk," says Bob.  Bob hands David his empty glass.  "Would you mind?" he asks and David pours him another drink.  "You've got to come out of it, you know.  It's no good living in the past," says David.  "Nothing matters, only Anne.  You know sometimes I can hear her footsteps in the hall and if I look up I might even see her.  But of course, I never look up," says Bob.  "Look why don't you come back to the motel with me.  I'm on duty tonight, but it's better than staying here on your own," suggests David.  "No!" shouts Bob.  "No, thanks," he says.  "Come on.  It'll do you good to have some company," says David.  "Just leave me alone," says Bob angrily.  "I only want to be alone.  Honest, David," he adds.

Jane Smith is in duty at the reception desk and she tells Carney that David Hunter wants to see him in his office as soon as possible.  She takes a telephone call.  "Hello Crossroads Motel.  Glenda!  Where are you?  Yes, they're both here.  No you haven't let me down, but that doesn't matter.  Give me your address...no, Glenda...please don't hang up..." says Jane.  "She's gone," she says turning to Carney.  "She said sorry she let me down, don't try to find me and tell mum not to worry.  If only she could see her," says Jane.

Carney goes to the office to see David.  "Sit down Carney," says David and Carney sits down.  "Drink?" asks David and receives a surprised look from Carney.  "I'm feeling thirsty," says David, and goes to the table where two bottles of beer are standing.  "It's probably the hot weather," says Carney.  "Ah yes, probably," agrees David, pouring the beer.  "I've been wanting to talk to you professionally... and personally," says David, handing Carney his glass.  "Aren't you going to have one?" asks Carney.  "Yes," laughs David, nervously and picks up the bottle of whiskey.  He then remembers the other bottle of beer and pours it inot a glass.  "What I want to talk about...well...it's a slight matter of appearance," says David.  "Whose appearance?" asks Carney.  "Yours," says David.  "I was thinking, well...of something that would give you authority...like um...Cheers," stutters David.  "A uniform," suggests David.  Carney takes a large gulp of beer and stares at David.  "Yes, well I think I'd better be going," he says and hurries out of the office.      

Jane Smith and Sandy talk to Arthur and Kath Brownlowe and Jane tells them about the phone call she received from Glenda.  "She said you've got to stop looking for her," says Jane.  "But we've got the police in on it," says Arthur.  "In a few months she'll be sixteen and the police won't be able to touch her," Sandy reminds them. 

Hilary Maddox goes to see David at the motel and asks him if he has had a chance to speak to Bob.  David tells her he spoke to Bob earlier.  "How was it?" asks Hilary.  "Not very good I'm afraid.  I think the only one who can help him now is you," David tells her. 

Alone in the dark at Woodville, Bob hears footsteps.  He looks up.  "I know you're there," he says.  "Bob, it's me Hilary.  The door was ajar so I came in," says Hilary Maddox, coming into the living room.  "I think perhaps I've been waiting for you," says Bob. 

Jeff Gilbert asks Stephanie Colby out to dinner on his night off but she says she doesn't know when she'll be free. 

Anthony Mortimer finds Stephanie Colby in the office and tells her that they won't be disturbed by Meg anymore because he has booked into the motel.  He asks her to have dinner with him that evening and she accepts.

Carney comes into reception dressed in smart trousers and jacket.  Meg stares at him.  "Look at his face," says David, quietly beside Meg at the reception desk.    

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