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Jane Smith tells David and Sandy that Mr and Mrs Brownlowe are waiting in reception and Mr Brownlowe wants to see David.  "I think he's going to make trouble," warns Jane.  "Look, I've been in it from the beginning so let me handle it," suggests Sandy. 

Jane takes Arthur and Kath Brownlowe through to the office and there they meet Sandy and David.  David explains to them that Glenda told them she was eighteen years old.  "And you believed her," says Arthur Brownlowe.  "We had to take her word because there was no one else's to take," says Sandy.  David leaves to take over on reception desk duty. 

Sandy explains to Arthur and Kath Brownlowe that Glenda gave them a false address in Southport and when he wrote for her national insurance details they wrote back saying that they had not heard of her.  Sandy suggests they call the police but Arthur Brownlowe says he would rather keep it quiet.

Hugh Mortimer decides that Carney is scruffy and Meg suggests he wears a uniform.  David says Carney would look silly in a uniform and anyone who tried to put one on him would look even sillier. 

Sandy suggests to Arthur Brownlowe that he and his wife stay the night at the motel but Arthur accuses him of trying to soften him up.  "Mister Brownlowe, I am well aware of the legal situation and we are not in the wrong.  All we want to do is help you like we tried to help Glenda.  Now are you going to let us?" asks Sandy.

Jane shows the Brownlowe's to a chalet and Arthur Brownlowe goes to the bar for a drink whilst Kath Brownlowe asks Jane to stay for a chat. 

Hilary Maddox comes to the motel to see David.  She tells him that she is desperately worried about Bob Powell.  "He said he couldn't sleep and that he'd like to go to sleep and not wake up.  Now that really frightened me," says Hilary.  "I can't talk to him about his wife.  You knew her David, you can talk to him," she says.

Kath Brownlowe tells Jane that Arthur puts on this gruff exterior and many people take him the wrong way.  She says Arthur was really shaken when their only son, Ron, left home.  "Even if we got Glenda back I doubt if we'd be able to keep her," sobs Kath Brownlowe.

Anthony Mortimer and Stephanie Colby go out and afterwards Anthony takes her back to Meg and Hugh's cottage, thinking that they are out for the evening.  Meg comes downstairs in her dressing gown and Stephanie leaves.  Meg tells Anthony that Hugh felt unwell on the way to the cinema so they came back early.  "I'm worried about him Anthony," says Meg.

Kath Brownlowe has her hair done in the motel salon.  She tells Vera that Arthur puts on a brusque front but deep down he is very worried.  Kath asks Vera if she has any idea where Glenda is but Vera says she hasn't.  "But Glenda's a good kid.  She won't keep you in the dark for long," says Vera.  "Even if I knew where she was I could keep it a secret from him," says Kath Brownlowe. 

Vera gives Rex Oliver a small package and he opens it to find an emerald tie-pin.

Sandy and David talk about the situation with the Brownlowe's and David says it doesn't look as if it's the mothers fault.  Sandy says underneath it all Arthur Brownlowe is going through hell.  Arthur Brownlowe comes into the office at that moment and tells David and Sandy that he and his wife will be leaving after lunch.  "Don't you think someone ought to be looking for her?  A girl of barely sixteen on her own in London.  I mean, anything could happen," says David.  "Yes, you're right of course.  I'll tell the police right away," says Arthur Brownlowe. 

Anthony Mortimer comes into the sitting room at Meg and Hugh's cottage with two suitcases, and tells Meg and Hugh that he is going to move into a chalet at the motel.  "Oh, you and Stephanie didn't disturb me last night, and Hugh didn't even hear," says Meg.  "No, but you disturbed Stephanie and me.  I should be leading my own life and I can do it better on my todd.  See you later," says Anthony and leaves.  "Aren't you going after him?" asks Hugh.  "I could but I'm not going to," says Meg.  "You're really fond of that boy aren't you" says Hugh.  "Man, Hugh, and you've got to accept that," says Meg.       



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