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Bob Powell comes to the motel to see David and asks him if he saw Hilary Maddox the previous evening.  David says he did.  "And you told her I was down in the dumps," says Bob.  He tells David that he is getting too involved with Hilary Maddox and it's all wrong.

Jeff Gilbert see's Stephanie Colby walk into reception with Anthony Mortimer.  "Do you want a drink here or in town?" asks Anthony.  Stephanie looks at Jeff Gilbert, rather embarrassed.  "In town," she replies, and they leave.

Hilary Maddox and Eileen Blythe go to the motel for dinner.  "Look Eileen, there's really no point in me ordering because I'm not hungry," says Hilary.  "But you must eat something, you're on call this afternoon," says Eileen.  Hilary insists she isn't hungry and leaves the motel.

Meg goes to the hairdressing salon and asks Vera about Rex Oliver.  Vera tells her about the gifts which Rex has been receiving from Wendy Prince and the private appointments in her chalet.  Meg tells Vera that she wants to see Rex in the office as soon as he returns.

Hilary goes to see Bob at his home.  When he finds out that Hilary broke off her dinner engagement with Eileen he takes her hands and kisses her.  She pulls away and says she will call again tomorrow.  "On your rounds," says Bob sarcastically.  Shortly afterwards the phone rings and Eileen Blythe asks to speak to Hilary.  "Well you can't," says Bob.  "Why not?" asks Eileen.  "Because she's not here, that's why," says Bob. 

Rex Oliver goes to the office to see Meg and assures her that he hasn't been encouraging Wendy Prince and that nothing has happened.  Meg tells him that all this is affecting the smooth running of the motel and forbids him from making private appointments with Wendy Prince. 

Jane Smith tells Meg that she can't help thinking about Glenda and she blames herself.  Meg asks Sandy to have a quiet word with Jane.

Bob, alone at Woodville, hears footsteps.  Hilary Maddox comes into the room.  They hug each other.

Sandy asks Jane Smith into the office and asks her if Glenda mentioned anything that might give them a clue to where she has gone.

Hilary and Bob relax in each others company.  They hear the front door slam and Eileen Blythe comes in and begins to accuse Bob of lying to her.  "I suppose he didn't tell you I phoned," shouts Eileen.  "No, I didn't," says Bob.  "I spent two hours looking for you.  One of your patients was rushed to intensive care while you were fooling about," says Eileen to Hilary.  "I was on call Bob.  Why didn't you tell me Eileen phoned," says Hilary and rushes out with Eileen.

Stephanie Colby reads out a memo to David about having the cellar converted into a disco. 

Bob goes to Hilary and Eileens flat and talks with Eileen.  She tells him that she and Hilary don't want to see him again.  Bob goes to see David and tells him that Hilary hates his guts.  David asks him how he would feel if he never saw Hilary again, and Bob says he needs her.

Anthony Mortimer asks his father Hugh why he sent the memo to David Hunter and made it look as if was from him.  "Why are you trying to make a fight between me and David Hunter?" asks Anthony.  "It's natural that you should take an interest in your step mother's business isn't it?  Why doesn't David see it that way?  Unless he wants to play king pin and thinks he can run the motel better than Meg," says Hugh.


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