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Jane tells Glenda that her friend Sandra Rawlings telephoned to speak to her.  Jane tells Glenda to use the office phone to call her back.  Glenda tells Jane that Sandra was telephoning about her parents.
Eileen Blythe tells Hilary Maddox that she knows she is involved with Bob Powell.  "I'm sorry for him, and that's all," says Hilary.  Hilary turns to leave.  "Hilary," says Eileen and her friend turns to her.  "Take care," warns Eileen.
Glenda Brownlowe fails to turn up for work.
Rex Oliver goes to the Prince's chalet to do Wendy Prince's hair.  "Mr Hunter thought you were ill because you couldn't come to the salon," says Rex.
Vera Downend is on duty at the reception desk when Sir Hector Prince arrives back unexpectedly, and asks Vera for his chalet key.  Vera, knowing that Rex Oliver is in the chalet with Wendy Prince tries to delay him.
Sir Hector Prince goes to the chalet and hears voices and giggling from inside the chalet.  He goes back to the reception desk and gives Vera back the key to the chalet.  "I've just remembered it's today my wife is having her hair done," he says.
Jane Smith asks Vera if Glenda turned up at her boat last night.  Vera says that when she got back to the boat there was a note from Glenda saying 'Thanks for everything.'  "I thought you'd found her a place," says Vera.  Jane telephones the cafeteria to see if Glenda has turned up for work but is told that she hasn't.  Vera and Jane find Sandy and tell him that Glenda is missing.
Rex Oliver asks Wendy Prince what Sir Hector would do if he found out about them.  Wendy tells him that her and her husband lead separate lives.
Vera tells Rex that Sir Hector Prince knows about him and Wendy Prince because he came back early, and she saw him go to the chalet door then turn around again without going in.  Rex tells Vera that it doesn't matter anyway because according to Wendy Prince he doesn't really care what she does.  Jane Smith tells Rex that Sir Hector prince wants to see him in his chalet right away.
Glenda's parent, Arthur and Kath Brownlowe arrive at the motel and ask for Glenda. 
Rex Oliver goes to chalet 14 to see Sir Hector Prince.  Sir Hector tells Rex that he doesn't want his wife to get bored and gives Rex his permission to take Wendy out whenever he wants.
Stephanie Colby tells Jane and Sandy that Mr and Mrs Brownlowe are in reception asking for Glenda.  Jane asks Sandy if she could go and talk to them.
Vera waits in the salon for Rex to return from seeing Sir Hector Prince.  "Well come on, what did her say?  Keep up the good work?" asks Vera.  "Vera, you've spoilt my surprise," says Rex.
Jane Smith meets Arthur and Kath Brownlowe in reception and tells them that Glenda has disappeared.  She tells them that Glenda's friend Sandra telephoned and then she went missing.  "She was warned we were coming," says Kath Brownlowe.  "Who's the manager here?" asks Arthur Brownlowe.  "Mr Hunter.  David Hunter," replies Jane.  "Tell him I want to see him," says Arthur Brownlowe, and Jane goes off to fetch David Hunter.  "Arthur, she's gone.  Why make trouble," says Kath Brownlowe.  "Look, that man's been employing a girl under age.  If he knew his job he would have made sure.  There's going to be trouble alright," threatens Arthur Brownlowe.   

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