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Jane Smith tells Carney that she has to find Glenda somewhere to live because she can't stay on Vera's boat for much longer.  Mrs Witton overhears.
Hilary Maddox tells Bob that she has to leave because she is on duty at the hospital.  Eileen gets ready to leave too as it was her car they arrived in but David offers to drive Hialry to the hospital on his way back to the motel.  Eileen stays behind to keep Bob company.
Mrs Witton tells Glenda that she heard she was looking for a place to live.  "I've got a spare room," says Mrs Witton.  Glenda thanks her but refuses her offer.
Eileen Blythe invites Bob to her house to see her son, Philip, and Bob accepts. 
Jane tells Glenda that she has never heard her mention her parents.  Glenda tells Jane a little about her family and admits that legally she is still at school.  She explains that if she was born two days earlier she could have left school at the same time as her two friends, so she is staying away for six months and then they won't be able to send her back. 
David goes to his office and finds Anthony Mortimer sitting behind his desk.  Meg joins them and senses that David is not pleased to find Anthony making himself at home.
Bob, Eileen and Hilary go out together with Eileen's son Philip.  Bob teaches Eileen how to fly a kite.
Stephanie Colby gives Rex Oliver a message from Wendy Prince asking him to phone her right away.  Vera finds out that Rex has been seeing Wendy Prince out of working hours and warns him that the motel management stressed that the Prince's had to be treated like V.I.Ps. 
Bob tells David that he felt himself getting involved with Hilary Maddox.  "It musn't happen for obvious reasons," says Bob.
Anthony Mortimer introduces himself to Stephanie Colby.  He asks her out to dinner and she accepts.
Eileen Blythe visits Bob at Woodville and asks him to come on another outing the following weekend.  Bob tells her that he has a lot of work to do and won't be able to make it.  Eileen is very disappointed and tells Bob that Philip will be very disappointed as well.  Bob suddenly changes his mind and accepts her invitation.
Rex Oliver receives an anonymous gift of very expensive cufflinks.  Rex and Vera both assume they are from Wendy Prince.  "She's obviously crazy about you," says Vera.
Hugh Mortimer tells Meg that he had a mild heart attack whilst he was in Australia.
Hilary Maddox see's David on duty at reception and tells him that Bob Powell is joining her, Eileen and Philip on a day out.  David is surprised as he remembers his conversation with Bob from the previous day.  Hilary notices the surprised look on David's face and asks him why he is surprised and David just tells her that he understood from Bob that he was very busy.
Meg telephones Doctor John Farnham and arranges for Hugh to have weekly checkups.
David telephones Rex Oliver in the salon and tells him that Wendy Prince would like her hair done.  "Is she ill?" asks David.  He then explains to Rex that Wendy Prince wants her hair done in her chalet.
Sandra Rawlings, a friend of Glenda Brownlowe's, telephones the motel asking for Glenda.
Bob Powell goes to see Hilary Maddox.  When Hilary mentions Bob's wife Anne, he bury's his face in his hands.  He says he can't sleep at night thinking about her, and she is with him every minute of every day.  "I know," says Hilary, gently.  "You don't," says Bob.  

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