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Mrs Witton see's Glenda in the staff room.  "It seems I've done you wrong," she says hesitantly.  She shows Glenda the ring and Glenda tells her to forget all about it.  "This makes me feel very small, you know.  Look I want to make it up to you," says Mrs Witton.  "No, look forget it.  Lets just forget everything and start all over again.  Ok," says Glenda.  "You know I never realised you were like this," says Mrs Witton.
Vera and Rex arrive at the pub.  Rex suggests to Vera that they stay the night.  Jill and Stan Harvey arrive at the pub, and whilst Rex and Stan go to the bar for drinks, the landlord Colin Samson fetches Vera's scarf. 
Two new guests arrive at the motel, Sir Hector and Wendy Prince.  Wendy Prince books to have her hair done by Rex Oliver in the salon.
Sandy tells Stephanie Colby that he has tried to get Glenda Brownlowe's national insurance details but they have never heard of her.  Sandy asks Glenda to come to the office and asks her about her national insurance number.  "Yes well I told you my last job was only part time so I didn't need an insurance number," says Glenda.  "And another thing.  Your address in Southport.  It doesn't exist," says Sandy.  Glenda insists that she has lived there all her life so she should know her address. 
Meg asks Sandy to pay special attention to Sir Hector and Wendy Prince because they miay book the conference room later in the year.
Wendy Prince tells Rex Oliver that she has a headache and asks him if he could do her hair in her chalet.  Vera warns Rex that they aren't responsible if anything happens outside the salon.
Sandy calls Jane Smith into the office and tells her about Glenda.  "Look, this might be nothing but she could be telling us a pack of lies and covering up goodness knows what.  This could mean serious trouble," says Sandy.
Hugh Mortimer returns to the motel with a young man whom he introduces to Meg and David as his lawyer son, Anthony Mortimer.  Anthony tells Meg that he sent the telegram reserving the chalet for himself, but Meg insists that he stays at the cottage with her and Hugh.  Anthony hugs Meg.  "I can never resist a woman if she insists, can you?" says Anthony, directing his question at David.  "I never try to put a woman in the position that she has to insist," answers David.  "Then you'll probably remain a bachelor all your life," says Anthony. 
David goes to Bob Powell's house and tells Bob that he never cared much for the house.  Bob says he will never feel alone in this house because he has so many memories of Anne.  David suggests Bob invite Hilary Maddox and Eileen Blythe around to the house for drinks. 
Hugh tells Meg that things didn't go well in Australia.  "I hate losing," he says, angrily.   "As a businessman I'm bust," he tells Meg.
Hilary Maddox and Eileen Blythe arrive at Woodville and Bob shows them around the house.  David fixes them all a drink.  Eileen notices some fresh flowers on the table and Hilary tells her she bought them for Bob.

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