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Jane and Mrs Witton go into the office to see Sandy and Mrs Witton tells Sandy about the missing ring.  Sandy suggests that they keep this off the record.  "You don't really want to go to the police," he says.
*** End of Episode 2583 ***
Annie Farrant rushes into the office where Nora Bowen is busy cleaning and tells Nora that she has had some good news.  "He's asked you to marry him," says Nora, teasing Annie about David Hunter.  "No stupid.  Colin's got a job," says Annie.
Bob Powell see's David at the reception desk and tells him that he is trying to think of an excuse to get out of going on the picnic with Hilary Maddox and Eileen Blythe.  David reminds Bob that he did offer him a way out.  "Yes, and I wish I'd taken it now.  Hilary Maddox and me don't exactly hit it off," says Bob.  "Hilary's alright believe me," says David.
That afternoon, Hilary, Bob, Eileen and Eileen's son Philip set off for their outing to Startford upon Avon.  Bob teaches Eileen's son to row a boat and when Bob waves Hilary she waves back, much to Eileen's amazement.
Rex Oliver and Vera set off in Rex's vintage car but breakdown on the way.  Rex grabs Vera by the hand, and, leaving the car parked on the roadside, he explains that there is a pub nearby. 
Hilary Maddox and Eileen Blythe have a drink together at the motel.  Hilary says Bob was a different person today, easy going and quite likeable.
Rex introduces Vera to the owner of the pub, Colin Samson, who offers to phone the mechanic in the next village and get the car towed.  Vera goes to one of the guest rooms to have a bath.
Bob Powell tells David that he quite enjoyed his day out.  David tells Bob that Woodville, the house he and Anne rented when they were last in the area, will be free to rent as from next week. 
Rex Oliver goes upstairs to his guest room at the pub and Vera settles into hers.  Vera opens the window and see's Rex's car parked outside.  Rex knocks on her door.  "Rex?" Vera asks as she opens the door.  "Were you expecting me?" Rex asks.  "Of course," answers Vera.  "Well, can I come in?" asks Rex.  "Just give me ten minutes will you," says Vera, and Rex goes back to his room.  As soon as the coast is clear Vera creeps downstairs but Rex comes out of his room, so Vera hides.  Rex knocks on Vera's door and goes in.  Meanwhile Vera runs downstairs, out into the car park and into Rex's car.  "Vera!" shouts Rex as he hears the rev of the engine.
Annie Farrant joins Nora Bowen in the staff room and tells her that she found Mrs Witton's ring under a pile of magazines. 
Rex Oliver talks to pub landlord Colin Samson the next day and tells him that Vera guessed his plan and took the car.  He asks about transport back to King's Oak and Colin Samson tells him that he will have to hitch because there are no buses.  Rex tries his luck hitchhiking and is offered a lift by a farmer with a tractor full of manure.
Annie Farrant tells Mrs Witton that she has a surprise for her, and presents her with her missing ring.  Jane Smith tells Mrs Witton that it would be best if she told Sandy that she has found her ring, because then everyone will know she is trying to make ameds for blaming Glenda.
Rex Oliver arrives back at the hairdressing salon smelling of manure.
Hilary Maddox speaks with David who is on reception duty and asks him when Bob is moving into his house.  "Friday," David tells her.  Hilary asks David if he would write the address down for her because Elieen and her want to send Bob a moving home card.  "Oh and don't tell...." begins Jilary.  "Nice weather we're having," says David, changing the subject as he see's Bob approaching.  Hilary bursts out laughing, and Bob wonders what the joke is.  Hilary says she just came to say hello, and she leaves.  "She came all this way to say hello.  I never realised you and Hilary were so friendly," says Bob.  "Not so friendly, just...friendly," says David.
Stephanie Colby shows Sandy a telegram reserving a chalet.  "It's signed just Mortimer," she points out.  Sandy says it could be that Hugh Mortimer is reserving a chalet for a business colleague.
Jane Smith asks Glenda if she has spoken to Mrs Witton.  "Look I shouldn't really tell you this but I want to prepare you.  She's found her ring and she wants to apologise to you personally," says Jane.  "Yeah, bet she's going to apologise.  I'd have loved to have seen her face when she found the ring," says Glenda.  Jane asks Glenda to let Mrs Witton apologise in her own way and then they can put the bitterness behind them.
Stan Harvey has his hair cut by Rex Oliver.  When Stan mentions that he would like to take Jill out to dinner somehwere nice, Rex gives him the address of the pub/restaurant that he took Vera to.
Vera tells Rex that she left her scarf in her room in her rush to leave.  Rex says he will take her to fetch it after work.  "As long as there aren't any plans this time," says Vera.  "No, I promise.  You can stay in the car if you want, unless you make stealing my car a habit," says Rex.

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